Are You Living Consciously? What Does Living Consciously Means To You?

I find this question very thought provoking and personal, a question one has to answer from self examination and I couldn't help but take up this question and also give my answer to it as it would help me evaluate more about myself. Being conscious is being aware of things happening around oneself. Living consciously is rather a bigger aspect of consciousness that requires more than being aware... Living your life and being conscious of how you live.


From My Own Understanding, What Living Consciously Means?

Living consciously is not going with the flow of how life puts me but creating the life I want for myself and making it work. It's not living life recklessly and carelessly but evaluating my failures, my fears and utilizing every chance I get to better my life.

I believe there are criteria to live consciously

  • Being careful and intelligent in deliberating decisions that concern your life.
  • Building powerful beliefs and getting rid of the unwanted or general beliefs of people.
  • Understanding my thoughts, my emotions and how I react to situations.

How I Live Consciously?

I'm not a perfect human being, I still falter at some ways I know to about living consciously but I will share them with us so we can learn and help ourselves to grow consciously.

Time's Important - I'm Conscious Of How I Spend It

Learning to control how I use my time can be difficult sometimes but I try not pay attention to things that will add no value to my life, things that may bring self - destructing thoughts in my head. And I live consciously by paying attention to what will bring about my personal growth and make me move closer to my goals.


Self - Awareness

One who is being grateful is very much aware of what is being achieved and what's yet to be achieved. I remind myself to be grateful for everything I have, who I was, who I am now and who I'm becoming. Letting go of what needs to be gone out of my life and work towards making my present better.

@nonsowrites post

Being grateful helps you take stock of the person you are now and it is a beautiful thing knowing that you have time against all odds to be where you are currently

These words from @nonsowrites made me realize that where I am now is what I'm most grateful for because I was privileged to have gone through my past and living my present.

Accepting My Truth

I have weaknesses!!! I try to remind myself of that truth and work hard to make them my strength somehow. Lying to myself about who I am will do me no good and it also means I'm choosing to live blindly. I chose to learn and accept the truth about myself by facing my weakness, my fears and becoming stronger through them.

It's best we learn to live consciously just so we don't go through a whole year and wonder what we've achieved and our reasons for achieving less or nothing.

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Thanks for reading!!!

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