3Speak - Development Updates - @sagarkothari88


Hello 3Speak Community Members,

Here are the dev updates from 3Speak-Team-member - @sagarkothari88.

FrontEnd > API > Load more records for User

FrontEnd > 3Shorts

  • 3Speak.tv does not show 3Shorts at the moment.
  • I have made some UI changes to incorporate 3Shorts within the current version of the 3Speak.tv website.
  • These changes are again on GitLab.
  • I'll have to re-raise the pull request after putting those changes on GitHub.

Creator Studio > Supporting Trusted clients

  • It will be used for Ecency, ActiFit, Hive Keychain-based logins, etc.
  • We have implemented/updated APIs in such a way that it will allow trusted clients & send encoded messages to those clients.
  • Only trusted clients can access 3Speak.tv's posting capabilities.
  • NOTE: These APIs will likely change during the 3Speak.tv refactor.

Mobile App


  • I've received feedback from one of the users via email.
  • No confirmation toast on a successful login.
    • I will work on it as soon as I get a chance.
  • No resolution settings for videos.
    • It is part of the settings of the app.
    • Go to Acela > Drawer menu > Settings > Change Resolution.


  • No background play (PiP) (supported device).
    • I will work on it as soon as I get a chance.
  • Thumbnail quality is too low.
    • I will look into this asap.
  • Short videos are overstretched.
    • Tap on the Icon in the top right corner.
    • This happens because some 3shorts-videos are taken in portrait & some are in landscape.
    • Change the settings as indicated below & swipe up & down.


What are the next action items from @sagarkothari88?

  • Creator Studio
    • Run Creator Studio locally & resolve issues.
    • Change APIs for adding Trusted Clients.
    • Raise a Pull request on GitHub.
  • 3Speak.tv Website
    • Run frontend locally & resolve issues.
    • 3Shorts-related changes.
      • Rewrite those changes in the new repo.
      • Test it locally.
      • Raise Pull Request.
    • API > Load more videos for the user.
      • Rewrite those changes in a new repo.
      • Test it locally.
      • Raise Pull Request.
  • Mobile App
    • Show IPFS Hash hive-post while publishing
    • Show confirmation to the user once the user has logged in
    • Once APIs are deployed on creator studio, Allow the user to publish the video from the mobile app using hive-keychain.

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Have a good one!

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