SMASh Round 191st - My Daughter's Broken Bicyle

Good afternoon everyone! How’s life going! I'm back again with my latest post to take part in the 191st round of the Shadow Hunter Contest hosted by @melinda010100. May God bless her and getting good health so that she can to hold this contest continuously. Yesterday I didn't have time to make a post because in the village where I live my neighbour died (not because of COVID 19), then I must attend funeral homes and funerals. These are the photos:

My wife pushed a broken bicycle to take by tricycle to a bicycle repair shop.

There used to be a traveling bicycle repairman, but he didn't come to our village today.

After coming home from work, my 3 year old son cried because the bicycle was broken and had to be taken to a bicycle repair shop for repair. Seeing the condition of the bicycle that has been used for a long time, my wife and I took the initiative to buy a new bicycle.


It turns out that the price of bicycles is currently very expensive, said the seller because the supply of goods comes from the city of Medan, North Sumatra and is the impact of the pandemic.

Selamat siang semuanya! Saya kembali lagi dengan postingan terbaru saya untuk ikut serta dalam Kontes Shadow Hunter putaran yang ke 191 yang diselenggarakan oleh @melinda010100. Semoga Tuhan memberkatinya dan mendapatkan kesehatan yang baik agar terus bisa menyelenggarakan kontes ini terus berkesinambungan. Kemarin tidak sempat membuat postingan karena di desa tempat saya tinggal ada orang yang meninggal dunia (bukan karena COVID 19).
Sepulang dari tempat kerja, anak saya yang masih berumur 3 tahun menangis karena sepeda sudah rusak dan harus di bawa ke bengkel sepeda untuk diperbaiki. Melihat kondisi sepeda yang sudah lama dipakai, saya dan istri mempunyai berinisitif untuk membeli sepeda yang baru. Ternyata harga sepeda untuk saat ini sangat mahal, kata penjual karena pasokan barangnya berasal dari Kota Medan Sumatera Utara dan imbas dari pandemic.

Hope you guys like it and see you in my latest post.

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