Big Double Brother is Watching You! • Shadow & Reflection Hunters Double Contest Entry

Happy Day dear Shadow & Reflection Hunters,

welcome to my double entry with a lot of doubles for the new rounds of the Shadow & Reflection Hunters Photo Challenges. The first double is in the round numbers of the contests themselves which are 170 and 17 and i'd say the zero just doesn't count here, because the sum of the digits of the round numbers is 8 each, right?! Hmmm, isn't the 8 a double in itself somehow?! Anyway, as i was looking for a shadow shot for the contest i came across those two photos from the same place depicting the same topic as well as showing shadows and reflections. Additionally the reflection in one of them is kind of the motif of the other so they obviously belong together and that's why i went for making a double entry for the contests and of course for you to enjoy.

CCTV Shadow

This image is the Shadow Hunters - Round 170 entry.
On one hand it shows the shadow of a CCTV-Camera which is reflected in the window and therefore makes it a double camera shadow and on the other hand it shows the reflection of a tree in the window. The sign in the window shows the standard "Corona Rules" and will hopefully be obsolete very soon!

CCTV Shadow

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CCTV Reflections

The second image is the Reflection Hunters - Round 17 entry.
On one hand it shows the reflection of the double CCTV-Camera of which one of them made the shadow in the first photo plus an extra single CCTV-Camera with it's own shadow and on the other hand it shows a reflection of another tree in the window.

CCTV Reflections

Puuh, that was a lot of doubles here. I hope you're not too double dizzy now and wish all participants of both contests all the best for their entries and if you're a twin then say hello in the comments.

Find the Contest Posts with Rules & Info here:

Shadow Hunters Contest

Reflection Hunters

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