Another Multiple Shadows: Show Me A Shadow - Smash Contest Round 298

Hello Lovely friends, it's another shadow hunting week and it's with great pleasure that I welcome you back to my blog again.
Happy Hive Power Up Day. I hope you all participated because I did and I am so excited about it because I've reached 1k HP and I am now a MINNOW.

Well that's it about the #hpud, let me delve into the main business of the post which is shadow
There's one beautiful thing about the sun which I like and that's casting shadows. You can't be at loss of a shadow under the sun.

The other day I was passing by this road - Azikiwe Road, Aba, and I noticed the shadows casted on the road by the street light. My interest got piqued and I looked forward to the day that I will be able to capture I. Luckily I ran into luck yesterday and I got these beautiful triple shadow's shots

Being a street shot I was still careful to avoid getting into trouble and the instant I positioned
my phone to take shots of shadow casted by the streetlight shadow, I saw that I mine own shadow will appear in the image. Well I captured it and continued to take more.

Still hoping to get a better shot, an extra shadow walked into the photo session.

Not long another one joined in totalling three shadows plus the street light shadow, that's four in one.

Thank you for reading and I do hope you like the images. Let me know the one you like most, thank you.

Still the #threadsaddict 😂

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