Reflection Hunters Contest - Round 6 - Beach Reflections.

Reflections like Shadows are all around us sometimes we take photos without the purpose of actually taking this photo because we are specifically doing it to capture that reflection or shadow but only because we are loving that particular scenery that we have got over eyes fixed on , like the cases of the following photos , i was not aiming at the reflections that appear in the following photos they just happen to appear in my frame and since becoming more interested in reflection photos , i have been going through my archive and noticing that , i have some reflection photos of the past that weren't even taken intentionally for the purpose of a reflection the reflections just happen to be there so with no further delay here are some beach reflection , i found in my collection of photos.

First up is in my home town Byron Bay Beach in NSW Australia on this particular afternoon it had been a beautiful hot day then the afternoon storms were brewing up the swells were getting ready to come in and the surfers were on standby to get that last ride of the day. This was a beautiful combination of nature all in one.



Another beautiful combination of a scary stormy afternoon brewing up , it is a normal thing in our country after a hot day we most certainly always get a crazy afternoon storm. This guy looked like he was hypnotized just standing there looking up at the sky those rays of light did look like lights of a alien spaceship shining through that mean looking rain cloud you never know right 😱


These next two photos were taken during our vacation on Fraser Island far north of Queensland , Australia a group of Seagulls doing what they do best hunting the fish at low tide.


An amazing set of rain clouds moving along low and slow over the ocean bed sucking up the moisture.



Reflection Hunters Contest - Round 6 by @annephilbrick