SMASh 211 Show Me A Shadow Round 211 - The Victory Column

Hello everyone. It's SMAShing time again and we are here for Round 211 of the very popular Show Me A Shadow Contest hosted by @melinda010100. Check out the Contest rules here if you still haven't heard of this yet. Read up and join us, Shadow Hunters.

I was about to post some shadows my grandson-turned-SMASher did the other night but decided to defer it for next time. I came across these photos as I went through my archives tonight and opted to enter them for this week instead. But first, a little background on these photos. Almost two years ago, my wife's nephew went to Germany to work. He flew 6 months ahead of my daughter and works in a different place from her, about 7 hours by train. During his first months in Germany he had the occasion to visit some major cities, one of them being Berlin. While there, my nephew sent us photos of the different tourist spots he visited and suddenly I just realized here indeed was a gem of a find! How could I have missed these?


This, my friends, is the Victory Column, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Berlin. Standing 67 meters tall (about as tall as a 22-storey building) including the sculpture at the top, known by Berliners as Goldelse – ‘Golden Lizzie’, Berlin’s Victory Column was built between 1864-1873, and designed by German architect Heinrich Strack to commemorate the Prussian victory in the 1864 Danish-Prussian War. For more information about the Victory Column click on the link here.

The Victory Column is located in the center of the Tiergarten, approximately 11 minutes from the center of Berlin by car.


And you guessed it. Visitors can go to the top of the Column and enjoy the viewing platform. It has anywhere between 270 to 285 steps to the top, depending on what search engine you use, and once at the top, a panoramic view of the city can be seen. The spiral staircase is a steep one and requires a visitor to be relatively fit to be able to climb to the top which is what my wife's nephew did. And took this photo below, which is also my entry for this Round 211.


I am just imagining the effort it took to climb all the way to the top but luckily my wife's nephew is young and an exercise buff, lifting weights, jogging and boxing. And that's it for this Round. I hope you enjoyed this. Many thanks to our delegators and to our ever-present sponsors @good-karma at @ecency, @pixresteemer, @taskmanager, #archon and to our judge, @annephilbrick. Peace be with all of you. Best of luck to everyone participating in the contest.

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