the very first guess the shadow contest

many shadow hunters may have seen the post from @shasta a couple of weeks ago where she was asking us to guess what made the shadow in the photo. it looked like some animal of some kind and turned out to be a statue of a moose that had been shot by an arrow from cupid. very improbable that, but anyway it got me thinking i have a few pictures of shadows of things more commonplace than cupid shooting a moose but still would be quite challenging to guess so i asked @melinda010100 what she thought of the idea of trying a guess the shadow contest. she thought it was a very good idea if i started it and to help she offered to contribute some rewards. so here we are.

let's begin with a demo so everybody understands. can you guess what this is a shadow of??

so if you were the first to guess horse then you would win a prize. if you guessed horse but weren't first then you would qualify for a re-hive with @pixresteemer. now if you thought it was a basketball or airplane or some such thing then perhaps this contest is not for you
ok. now here's the contest image. i will give a hint it is not a horse.
place your guess as a reply to this post by march 1 and let's see how this goes. as for prizes, i defer to @melinda010100 who is wonderfully supportive. good luck to all who participate.

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