one more guess the shadow contest

finally a mysterious shadow to really twist your brain in a knot. i was beginning to run out of suitably challenging shadows but today i was out hunting and am happy to present the freshest catch ever. it should surely be a shot in the dark for the sharpest shadow shooters but there is a clue. or you may prefer to focus on creativity and imagination and make up something wild or just plain silly.🤠 of course all replies are most welcome and will be rewarded with 20 ecency points, courtesy of our model moderator @melinda010100.


the first correct guess and the most imaginative both get 1 HBD each- again generously given by @melinda010100. creativity and humor may also be rewarded with a nomination to @pixresteemer . i highly recommend reading through the replies not only for amusement but also to see if somebody else has already guessed your incredible idea. if somebody beat you to it or if you are hooked
as to what the real object could possibly be then concoct something that will make us all smile. please don't just upvote this post- join in the fun. there aren't really any rules just make a guess by january 12th.

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