Smash - Shadow Hunters Contest Round 191

I was hanging our laundry outside while the sunshine was on its peak and since it’s my holiday at work, I did some house cleaning too. My son’s room curtain color navy blue reflected the outside lace curtain with the brightness of sunlight creating a nice shadow inside our house. Seeing how unique this silhouette, I immediately photograph it to capture the shadow.

This is my entry for the shadow hunters contest, the lace curtain silhouette in another curtain inside the room of my son. The color changes from navy blue to fuchsia pink combination that turned out its uniqueness.

The silhouette design made the curtain into two separate parts. I called this gorgeous pink.

Looking at the two curtain separately, putting them overlapping each other without the sunlight, the color never change but because of the sunlight reflection, another hues revealed and it’s beautiful. For a woman who really works hard to decorate a house, curtain colors requires keen attention especially to delicate and choosy housewives. I’m a sensitive person when it comes to house interior color combination. I looked at it in a way that will please a person’s color satisfaction. Not too colorful but distinctive and flair.

Originally, the reflection on the floor was really astonishing. I really like this lace shadow during the noontime waxing of the sun and it gives an enchanting feeling of how wonderful the nature’s effect and shadow to our lives.

To @melinda010100 and to the Shadow Hunters Community as well together with the judges and delegators, thank you very much. I had the chance to share these pictures and it’s really amazing. Good day to everyone and hope you enjoy reading all the entries in this contest.

Thanks also for dropping by.


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