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Hello Shadow Community hope everyone is having good sunlight to witness and capture some shadows 😊 I think the sun provided perfect rays for me today. This is my first time posting some shadows in this community. I have wanted to do this for quite sometime. I'm so
happy to be sharing some shadows I captured today with you.

The shadows I show you today were all taken in the morning while I was at work checking out some vehicles. The sky was clear, temperature a little chilly, lots of sun and hardly any wind. My Entry is a shadow of a 25k aircraft loader raised up up to its max deck height of just over 18 foot (220 inches to be exact). The lowered height of the deck sits at just above 3 feet (39 inches exactly). You really get somewhat of a birds eye view in the loader when it's raised to its highest point. I was in the cab and decided to take this picture from above.

Here I am in another loader raised a little more than half way up. This was actually my first photo. I was thinking the shadow will be better if I raised up in the loader you actually see in this photo.

I wasn't done catching some shadows. I wanted to capture my own along with the loader. To get this shot I drove the loader and faced it parallel with the sun 🌞 I liked this shadow and decided to take a poll among my co-workers. They all liked my entry photo the best. I really thought for a moment between these two. Capturing shadows and taking polls while getting paid on the government's dime, that's how I rolled this morning, hehe.

Here are the two loaders I checked out this morning. I guess you could say dual shadows here. There not the best shadows but I just wanted to give you a better look at the shadow subject matter 😊

One last shadow from within and from up above in the loader. A simple concrete loading dock with rails. I was hoping to see an aircraft fly in and capturing its shadow but not a single one landed while I was outside for about forty minutes or so. I think that would have been a really cool shadow. Perhaps another day and time 😊

Here is the last capture of some shadows before I went back inside. Just four concrete barriers that seperate the area where we keep our loaders. We didn't always have these and you would be surprised how close people get to them while driving past them. It's funny they don't drive so close to the concrete barriers. Probably the most simple of all the shadows but they cast a nice even shape, don't they?

A selfie just showing why these shadows were everywhere in my work yard. Definitely a sunglass wearing day which is the case when we witness lots of shadows outside. Also it's the last picture I take of myself at the age of 49 as I hit the half century mark tomorrow! Let this day go slow and tomorrow takes a bit to arrive, haha.

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my post. I really appreciate your time and support. Best of luck to all the contestants in this weeks competition. Take care, be safe and enjoy the rest of the week.

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