AteXoras 🍻 Pub Gathering - Supporting HiveFest 2021

This Pub will open weekly on the Pubs Community with the purpose of acting as a place to meet, socialize, exchange information, get free stuff, you get the idea for HIVE's sake!

We also have a Live Scratch Paper where you can find all the current up-to-date information about this project.

(made by @swayzilla and donated via NFT Showroom)


We passed 100 SPS

Well well well, we are historically above 100 SPS... this is currently less market value when compared with last week ($60), but as we see it, way more valuable long term. We grew almost 10 SPS in a week, that's crazy awesome. Be sure to drop your @splinterlands battles below if you wish to be in the draw at the end of the year.

So, if we flat estimate that 10 DEC/week, this would be around +60 SPS until the end of the year, plus compound and other things, maybe around 200 SPS for a giveaway! Not huge, but I think many will appreciate the opportunity.

More 1000 DEC into the pool

Thanks to @solymi for providing another 1k of DEC to put into the pool. This will be important to increase the amount of SPS claims every day. @forykw already sent the matching SWAP.HIVE and added it to the pool liquidity. More details are below on the current balances.

New Pub provided token... 🤣

We are not joking thought! It's the new LOLZ token that just launched 2 days ago. Check more at @lolztoken. The Live Scratch Paper was updated with this information.

(by @captaincryptic)

HiveFest Special Giveaway

That's right, and we are giving away 14x "S24 Scary Mary" #NFTs, courtesy of @forykw. Details about the giveaway inside THIS post.

Don't forget to find Forky and to share your HiveFest post link here. Focus on having fun first, getting here next.

The card on the usual gathering giveaway is also going to be a unique one! This is an "S5 Mozart" that many players on the @risingstargame don't have. It's valued at around 100k STARBITS ($25). Quite a deal!

BEE Stats

On our way to the first party... not much progress this week, but the next one that's going to change. This week we have also sold some SIM rewards to buy more BEE.


This gathering:

Notes: The rewards from the last gathering were not used yet, and will be before the next gathering. This progress hopefully will speedup... the more people know about the Pub.

🎁 Active #Giveaways

This section will be used to register the status of running giveaways initiatives.

  • The every gathering #NFT 🎈 giveaway (we donate one on every Pub gathering):


  • End-of-the-year 2021 SPS Giveaway! [PeakMonsters Status] - All the SPS will be awarded to a random user showcasing a Splinterlands battle on the Pub weekly gatherings. More info here.



Supporters details (total of 6100 DEC):
[forykw - 3000 DEC] [solymi - 3000 DEC] [flipflopcrypto - 100 DEC]

Estimated value (subject to changes on the pool) to be awarded to a random supporter (excluding @forykw) at the end of the giveaway:

5510 - 6100 = -590 DEC

The AteXoras 🍻 Pub Gatherings are an initiative from the HIVE-Engine ATX token (@atexoras), supported by the @atexoras.witness. You can join the AteXoras Discord server and visit the #pub-support for any queries in regards to the Pub.

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