End of Year (2021) SPS Giveaway - by AteXoras 🍺 Pub

(I have taken the decision on making this more visible since almost no one checks the entire text of the Pub and I understand why) 😆

🤑 Giveaway!

And this is going to be a big one even if you can't yet grasp the "how quickly" it can grow. Anyhow, in resume the @atexoras.pub is promoting a massive (to become that) giveaway of SPS by the end of 2021.

(current pool to be given away)

👇 Aditional Information

If you bother knowing a bit more about the Pub, and the so-far two posts that relate to this, check these below under the <<🥇 Specials this Week - ❗NEVER MISS THIS SECTION❗>> section:

But don't worry if you don't bother to read them, I will make it easier here.

🤝 Eligibility

To become eligible for the draw (currently undefined if 1 or more winners):

  • Have an account with a purchased Splinterlands Spell Book
  • On as many gatherings of the @atexoras.pub, post a valid ranked battle of your account (one is enough)
  • No bots accounts!

💥 Deadline

Then, by the deadline date (end of 2021 in UTC), ONE gathering will be selected randomly, starting on this one until the last one of 2021. All users posting valid battle links on those selected gatherings will be eligible for the giveaway.

So, from this gathering until the last one of 2021. Each gathering usually goes for 7 days, once per week, and starts usually on Fridays between 6-12 UTC.

🤷‍♂️ OK, what do you need to do?

Read the # Elegibility section above! Then head to the current gathering of the @atexoras.pub (basically the post that has not yet finished rewards distribution) and post a comment with the link from a ranked battle (from the account that is commenting).

In addition, if wanna have some fun at the Pub, stay for some time for a chat or check others' comments, etc. Up to you... there are always some nice beverages and food around. 😎😋

💸 Supporters!

To increase rewards to this giveaway, I am supporting anyone that wishes to send DEC to be staked on the SWAP.HIVE:DEC pool (by @atexoras.pub), effectively increasing the amount of SPS that can be claimed every day. If you wish so, send any amount above 100 DEC to the @atexoras.pub (put something on the memo), tag me and I will cover the required SWAP.HIVE to stake it on the pool. At the end of the giveaway, I will send the DEC back to their owners (I will guarantee the amount in full, even if the pool collapses). Any amounts above 10k DEC, please let me know in advance.

These supporters will also benefit from a reward one week after the end of the giveaway. I have currently staked 1000 DEC into the pool, and I will eventually stake more. But, ONE lucky supporter will get any leftovers from the staked liquidity after distributing what each one owns.

Example: If the sum of everyone's DEC staked the SWAP.HIVE:DEC pool (by @atexoras.pub) is 100k DEC and by the end of the giveaway, we have 120k DEC in the pool, then I will award the 20k DEC randomly to a single supporter. If there is less than 100k, then there will be no reward (but I will guarantee the initial sent DEC).

Note: Think before you send the amount because it will only be returned by the end of the giveaway. And make sure you add something on the MEMO otherwise I will assume that it's a donation. I will update the supporters on every gathering so that is documented properly.

That's it, simple!

Now distribute the word on this... gogogogogo! 😋


Have fun, good luck on all the gaming, and lots of teaching "how to play" to new players.

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In addition, if you are looking for a nice place to either reach out, share or just have a great time, come along to @atexoras.pub gatherings. We welcome everyone on the HIVE blockchain.

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