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This was the first computer I ever played with, it was like a video game inside my mind. I thought it might have been made by Fisher Price but it looks like it was made in 1985 by Tomy Tutor.

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Somebody mentioned having this toy on Reddit. This little fella was pretty cool for being non-electronic and purely mechanical and plastic and such.

In this post, I wanted to share a few photos, videos, and links relating to this toy computer which includes no batteries at all. I was born in 1985, the same year this toy was made. I grew up in Oregon and we probably had this toy at least by my fifth birthday in 1990 if not sooner.

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I would include this toy computer on my list of some of my favorite childhood toys from the 1990s after Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures, Power Rangers, Curious George, a regular Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), a Furby, Sim City, Lincoln Loys, Tinker Toys, the Tomy Owl Clock, to name a few.

From the top of my head, after watching video reviews today of this toy computer, I remember the alphabet, the numbers, the fish, the race, airplane, clown, robot, and especially the space invaders battle. I don't think I remember the horse. That was pretty everything minus maybe a few other things.

When I met Tiffany Cumbo in the early 1990s, I brought the computer with me in the red wagon to her house. So, I remember playing with the toy a few times around that time. I remember navigating through the game via pressing the buttons. So, I have memories of most of this game. Well, it is technically more a video or series of photos on a scroll. In my mind, it was my own personal computer at that time.

Some if not all of these toy preschool pre-computers were made in Singapore. My brother remembers this toy computer.

Screenshot at 2021-05-14 15:24:32.png

I want to archive my life and that would include items which were memorable to the development of my psychology and everything else. That is why I'm publishing this article on probably the first computer I have ever seen in my life. A quick disclaimer, there may be different versions of this toy or similar toys out there made around that time but this particular version is most likely the one we had as a family growing up.

I wrote a post titled Oatmeal Wants AOL Oatmeal meaning I want things relating to when we first got Internet for the first time via American Online (AOL) at least by 1997.

That marks the first post in the Oatmeal Wants series or to be more specific, the Oatmeal Wants Oatmeal series which is regarding items I'm looking for relating to the outline to my life. The Oatmeal Wants AOL Oatmeal post is focused on the first chapter to my life on the Internet.

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You can find one of these toy typewriter like laptop dealies on Ebay. One is going for $12.99 and I saw another for around $40. In some ways, they're priceless.

But this post doesn't make the cut to be in the Internet-related aspects of the Oatmeal Wants series because this toy computer was never connected to the world wide web let alone connected to actual power lol.

Screenshot at 2021-05-14 15:23:21.png

Again, this post is going to be very short and to the point, it includes a few photos, videos, information, links, relating to this particular toy computer which we got as a family in the 1980s or at least by the early 1990s at the latest.

Memory Lane

Tomy 1980’s Tutor Play Computer Children’s Toy

Vintage 1980's Tomy Tutor Play Computer Toy with 3D Motion Screen Juggling Clown Alien Ships


Tomy Tutor review (Tomy multi-key switches)

Nostalgia Nerd

Tomy Tutor Play Computer - 1980s Toy Computer; Inspection | Nostalgia Nerd

Toy Computer, Pinterest

Screenshot at 2021-05-14 15:44:10.png

VINTAGE 1985 Tomy Tutor Play Computer Keyboard Children's Learning Toy USED

Screenshot at 2021-05-14 15:25:54.png

Here comes the train, all aboard.

Screenshot at 2021-05-14 15:25:01 Fish.png

I do remember the fish a little bit.

Screenshot at 2021-05-14 15:26:34.png

The yellow round scroll up and down button, kind of like a back button.

Screenshot at 2021-05-14 15:27:36.png

I remember this robot character.

Screenshot at 2021-05-14 15:28:14.png

Screenshot at 2021-05-14 15:33:02.png

Screenshot at 2021-05-14 15:34:19.png

Screenshot at 2021-05-14 15:28:48.png

It includes the alphabet and numbers.

Screenshot at 2021-05-14 15:29:44 Clown.png

I remember the clown as well.

Screenshot at 2021-05-14 15:30:19.png

I sort of remember the race.

Screenshot at 2021-05-14 15:31:02.png

Screenshot at 2021-05-14 15:31:26.png

My favorite part was the space battle.

Screenshot at 2021-05-14 15:32:37.png

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