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~ 😘 Hello My Splinterlands family around the world 😘 ~

Welcome back to my blog, @queen-silvia. In today post, I am super duper excited to share the history I've been made yesterday. Finally, after 8 months playing Splinterlands, I have achieved The top position (1st) at the Silver Leaderboard and claimed 40000 DEC as the rewards. Well, The fight for the top Leaderboard was not easy at all, There are many challenges on the way to get there which I will explain all of them in detail at the next section. I would like to say thank you very much to @jacekw as his advice is really became a motivation for me to get the top spot. Thank you so much also to @palasatenea also for his SPS delegation to @agentsilvia account so the account could join many tournaments and hopefully winning lots of them. I promise to give my best in every brawl with Peakmonsters [Premiere].

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Alright, Some topics that we are going to discuss in depth are :

  1. All Challenges climbing for Leaderboard
  2. Leaderboard Tips and Tricks
  3. Last Battle to claim the first spot
  4. Announcement of Giveaway #63 Winner
  5. Giveaway #65

Well, Let's start this article with the first topic. It's all about challenge I faced when fighting for the leaderboard!



1. +0 Points for winning against way lower rating opponents


The goal of climbing for leaderboard is to gain as many rating as we can but sometimes, when our rating is very high, let say above 3K at silver league and we were matched with the opponents with way lower rating than us, there's a chance that we might get very low points or even not getting any point at all like the picture above. I am not really sure whether it's bug or not but according to the moderator at discord (SymplyMike), we need to report this to I am thinking that no matter what kind of opponents that we are fighting against, we should get a point, even 1 point will be a game changer in the Leaderboard table because everyone who win the battle should be rewarded.

So if winning gives player nothing and losing will lose so many points then it will be much better to stop when our rating is slightly higher then the top players at Leaderboard.

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2. Minus ~ >35 Points whenever we lose -

Well, I can't take any snapshot to show that I really lose more than 35 points when I lost the battle but it really happened. So if you are at the top 5 of the leaderboard, winning matches will give you around +2 or +3 points but when you are losing, your rating will go down minus >35 (36 most of the time). As long as we have high win rate and getting more points than losing points, this kind of challenge would not be much problem. For example, If we lose 36 points from losing a match, we have to make sure that we can get more than 36 points by winning many battles. We should not lose any battle because it will make our effort way harder.

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3. Battling against strong opponents


This is the fun parts of climbing for the top of leaderboards, just like playing at tournaments, we can fight against many strong players and it's good to enhance our battle skill. We can learn a lot from them about how to arrange deck properly based on the mana, ruleset and splinters available. For example, I met @dragon.rider twice yesterday and I lost both of the matches, ha ha. It made me lose many points but I was fine since I learn new strategy. It's always fun to learn from great players. He is a strong player, I met him several times at Silver and Gold tournament. :)



In my opinion, the tips is simple but rather difficult to be implemented.

Just stop looking at Leaderboard standing and focus to win all the battles

Looking at Leaderboard standings will break our focus and won't make us play again after reaching certain ratings. If we are playing for fun and enjoy all the battle, we can surpass the top players rating with huge gap. The higher gap, the better our position will be. However, If we were at 1 or 2 hours before EOS, it's very important to secure our rating because 1 lose will make our position go down further. at the last minutes, We have to make sure that our rating will be safe to secure the spot that we want.

Well, Here is the second tips :

Do not ever get mad after losing the battle

Controlling emotion is very important in climbing for leaderboard, just like playing tournament. If we have a bad mind, Trust me, No matter How great we are, The game will be more difficult and will lead us to another lose. So keep calm and chill is pretty important.

Here is the final Leaderboard standing (Top 5) :


I got 5 - 6 surrender matches because of internet issue and it makes me really frustrating and don't want to continue. However, I never could finish at the top spot if I keep mad so I tried slowly and luckily the internet was much better yesterday and it helps me to get the first spot. Hats off to the Top 5 of the Silver Leaderboard anyway, @byz8tine, @anonymouslee, @dragon.rider and @f1ash2. It was a very thrilling competition for the top since the winner and runner up has only 1 point difference.



Well, since this is the legendary battle which gave me +4 points, the battle feels soooo important for me guys and let me share it to you :

Reverse Speed28Fire, Water, Life, Death



When I saw the last 5 of opponent matches, He played Yodin a lot so I tried to use Lorna + Taunt + Reflection Shield + Tank Heal. And when he really play with Yodin, I am so glad that my guess was right!. Usually I play Ilthain a lot to counter Yodin but since the ruleset was Reverse Speed, I chose to use Lorna Shine instead. Keep in mind that whenever we have reverse speed we have to play monster with low speed to make them attack first and increase the chance to hit the target.



Alright guys, now it's time for the giveaway. We have 34 participants for the Giveaway #63. I'd like to say Thank you very much for visiting my blog and joined the giveaway. Here are the list of participants :

@blitzzzz, @danideuder, @henruc, @vaynard86, @gregory-f, @russia-btc, @flummi97, @jdike, @syel25, @noctury, @jhuleader, @candnpg, @olaf.gui, @tinyputerboy, @ladymisa, @rayius, @pansoup, @mizukii, @pero82, @akiraymd, @treefrognada, @willendorfia, @mxm0unite, @bechibenner, @ianballantine, @ank2020, @cpol, @jhuleader, @ladymisa, @mercysugar, @mxm0unite, @pero82, @russia-btc, @treefrognada

(Ank2020, Cpol, Jhuleader, Ladymisa, Mercysugar, Mxm0unite, Pero82, Russia-btc, Treefrognada got additional 1 ticket as they re-blogged the post)
I hope I don't miss out any names there. Regardless you win or not, I hope you guys keep supporting me by participating in my upcoming giveaways because sharing to the community is fun. Here is the snapshot of the winner :


Congratulations to @jhuleader for winning Harvester. This card has Oppress and Enrage at maximum level which are very powerful in the battle.

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1 BCX of Harvester has been sent to IGN : @jhuleader, enjoy that Harvester 👍. For other participants who didn't win, you can try your luck taking a part in the next giveaway below (Giveaway #65).

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- GIVEAWAY #65 -

Alright, in the previous post we had an untamed (reward) card for the giveaway. In this giveaway post, there will be 1 rift watcher card that you could possibly win, Here is the card :
Lemell Refugee

I will use Wheel of Names for the drawing and the name picked out will be given the card prize.

How to participate :
  1. Please put your IGN (In-Game Name) in the comment section.
  2. If you feel like the post is useful feel free to follow me for more battle tips and tricks and 2 weekly giveaways continuously. I'll make sure we will be good friends :)
  3. Upvote is not a requirement but it will be greatly appreciated to increase the quality and the quantity of the next giveaway.
  4. Re-blogging this post will give you 2 tickets, higher tickets, higher chance to win the rewards 😉

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Notes :
  1. The cut off time is the pay-out of this post (7 days). I will put a comment "TIME'S UP" when the time is up.
  2. The winner will be announced in the next giveaways.
  3. If you want to give feedback or critics, feel free to leave any comments. As long they are constructive and not offensive, they will be appreciated.
  4. Started from now, I will tag all of the participants who have joined (in the previous giveaway) in case you want to join the giveaway again, if you want me to stop tagging your IGN, feel free to comment STOP in the comment section.
  5. Every time I posted blogs whether Battle Challenge or Social Media Challenge, there will be 1 card be rewarded for the giveaway winner.
Notification List :

@olaf.gui, @queenstarr, @engilhramn, @stonemountain69, @pero82, @candnpg, @danideuder, @pulubengdugs, @jdike, @zonadigital21, @syel25,
@cryptoace33, @amaari, @treefrognada, @willendorfia, @jhuleader, @pirulito.zoado, @rayius, @ladymisa, @henruc, @noctury, @blitzzzz, @flummi97, @vaynard86, @ianballantine, @cpol, @ianballantine, @poplar-22, @arveno, @luizeba, @amaari, @gregory-f, @iamgem005, @onthemountain, @dk1trade, @pansoup, @mizukii, @candnpg, @thebighigg, @mxm0unite, @vaynard86, @tinyputerboy, @circlebubble, @bechibenner, @cribbio, @gasaeightyfive, @marcocasario, @mxm0unite, @oadissin, @russia-btc, @akiraymd, @ank2020, @mercysugar


If you haven't got any Splinterlands account, you can get it here

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Alright, that's the end of this article guys, Thank you for visiting my blog. See you in the next article and giveaway. Take care~


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