The diary game:it was really a bad day for my brother||almost passed away 18/11/2022

my brother lyeing down sick

Hello dear friends,hope all is really working out or going out well,today I will like to be sharing with you guys how I spent my day,it was really a nice day but at the end something bad tried to happen but thanks to God who made everything possible.

My elder brother well sick and it was really really serious that he was unconscious,he really didn't know what he was doing if not because mom was at home and he was medicated immediately.

Morning diary

It was a beautiful morning,I woke up safe and sound and then went to the various rooms in our house to call all my siblings and also my parents because that's what I normally do every morning.

I woke then all up and called everyone to the sitting room,after some minutes everyone assembled there and the morning devotion started.

First everyone of us sang songs each and then my dad lead us in worship,after the worship my mom read some parts of the scripture and from the she marked out some points where she used to set as the point of our prayer.

After the morning devotion and receiving some inner strength from God,I then went outside and did some of my morning chores which consist of fetching water,boiling hot water for my other small siblings so that they can go to school,sweeping the compound and watching the plates.

All these works was not really easy for me but it has become part of me since my other siblings are still tender and I can really share the work with them.

After doing these works I was so much exhausted,so I had to rest for like 10 the bed,after resting our meal was already in the dinning table waiting for us to come and consume it.

What was served?,it was a delicious rice and stew that was cooked by my mom,we all were really happy because we so much like eating rice,after eating we all drank our water and thanked our parents and went outside.

my breakfast

Me and my brother we didn't go to school,so we stayed at home and played with each other.


Two of us,that is me and my brother,we were just playing in the field,and suddenly he said that he is done playing,to me I wanted to play more but there was nothing else I could do about it.

He went inside and first took his bath and came to me and complained that he doesn't know how his body is doing,I asked him if he is feeling any sign,he told me that his eyes are really paining him and also he is feeling pains all over his body.

It was really confusing to me,after sometime his face and body appearance really changed,I couldn't understand anything that happened because it happened withing a twinkle of and eye.

So I rushed outside and went to our family doctor,complained about everything to him,he asked me whether my parents were around and I said no so he took his tools and immediately followed me to the house.

When we reached the house he checked his whole body and found out that he is having some malaria and a bit shortage of blood,he first called my mom and dad and told them everything that was happening to him.

They now told him to give my brother the necessary treatment that they will be send the money,first he injected him and injection which made him regained himself and then he gave me some money to go and buy fruit for him,I bought the fruit and he finished them all and regained himself.

my brother taking his treatment

Then he started his treatment,a drip was out on him and it slowly went inside his body till evening.


The drip slowly went in and after sometime he regained himself and then I removed the needle and he was really fine,small time my parents can back and I told him how everything started,she gave me some money which I used to go and give our doctor and I really thanked him for what he has really don't for us.

After sometime,I went to the bathroom,took my bath and then came over to the sitting room and watched some movie,after watching the movie I then played some games with my phone.

me in the evening

After everything,it was time to go to bed,so I said my prayers and thanked God for keeping my brother alive till today and also for the love he has showed us.after praying I then went to bed.
Best regards from @ogwo.

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