The Embarrassing Moment Of My Life.

Hi hivers, it's great to participate in this contest, wow, it been a while I wrote in this community, neoxian city, participating in this contest it's really means alot to me, an embarrassing moment of ones life guess.

The image is mine.

In one way or another one has experienced embarrassment that seems like one should get lost or wish for the earth to open for one to fall in.

I remember two years ago, when things were not that good for me, during the lockdown, then some theif broke into my store, after the incident, I faced some financial crisis, I didn't allowed people in my neighborhood to know about it, so that period was really hard for me and my family.

One faithful day we managed to cook that kind rice, the reason I call it that kind rice, you know the kind of rice you cook with only pepper, Maggie, and pam oil, that kind rice that one place is red the other places are white, while myself and my wife were gladly eating our meal then a lady bashed into our room at that moment, I was trying to run with the food, so she won't see the way the food looks like, that food was actually testless, when she step in we were restless, and the food is in our center on a flat plate, I feel like to run and hide but I was just planted there, just watching the food.

I really wished for the earth to open so I would run into it but to no avail, the lady too wasn't comfortable she couldn't sit down because ourselves were discomfort, that day was the first time I feel embarrassed in my life, because no matter what am passing through I am always putting on smiling face, you can't see me depressing, that is one thing I thank God for, for the inner strength.

You know what it looks like, when people around you thinks you are living well but just accidentally cut you covering your nakedness, I was really embarrassed that day because that very lady was looking up to us.


Yes, there are situation that cut you on aware that may seems embarrassing, don't stick to it because you will definitely over come it, it's just a process of life, that situation will only makes you stronger and better.

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