My Most Embarrassing Moment

It happened when I was in college. I was 17 at that time and I was a very shy guy. I had just been enrolled in a new school where I met a girl called Linda, she is one of the reasons I believe in love at first sight and that's because there was this chemistry between us the first day we met. I assumed she felt the same way I did but I lacked the boldness to tell her. The first time I had tried asking a girl out, I had rehearsed every line carefully but still ended up saying things out of context , so I was careful not to embarrass myself again. I surf the internet for the right words to say, the manner in which to say it and the posture to maintain and this process of learning keeps delaying. Whenever I go to tell her, I lose confidence. A friend of mine who kept encouraging me couldn't endure any longer, so he framed me up.

One evening he came to my room and told me he already told the girl that I wanted to talk to her and it would be inappropriate and a slap on my face if I didn't man up and go talk to her. I wasn't prepared for it but I didn't want the girl to look down on me so I resolved I was going to ask her out that night during our night reading. The slow time that I knew started to speed up, quickly, I surfed the net and wrote down some lines I believed would help me win her heart and was set for the night. The time came, I went on to tell the girl I wanted to talk to her, and we excused the class and stood outside. I was about to start talking when she told me to hold on that she was coming, I waited outside under the cold for about 30 minutes before she arrived.

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Suddenly I lost the courage I had earlier built and the next moment I stood there shaking like a leaf. All the lines I had jolted disappeared from my head and again like the previous experience I started talking out of context with my whole body shaking. The girl bursted into laughter and like a baby she patted my shoulder and asked me to calm down. No one is going to kill me. I felt like the ground should open and swallow me up. After she was done laughing, she told me her reply was "No" and advised me to man up because I wasn't one, then she left. I stood there regretting why I took that step. I went into the class and told my guys the girl said she would think about it when in truth she had insulted my manliness.

I never had the confidence to speak to her again, I kept avoiding her and her friends who chuckled each time they saw me.

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