Love In a Cradle

As the sun rose on the horizon, it became clear what had happened: It was August 6, 1987, the same night that Mrs Rufus had put to bed. The news soon spread across the town and songs of jubilee saturated the once quiet atmosphere. Lying on the cradle was a baby who looked strange to her, she had held the baby the very moment he was taken out of her, there was this connection, she felt it from the moment he smiled at her amidst the cry. But everything looks weird, and her instinct wasn't wrong. "Where's my baby?" she mumbled under her breath, everyone looked at her strangely as they pointed at the baby in the cradle.
"No, that's not my baby," she said.

When her wailing continued, she was administered a drug that slowly made her sleep. She woke up a few hours later feeling tipsy, she staggered around the room and was held by the people who had come to rejoice with her.
"Did you see my baby?Do you know where he was taken to?"
When others seemed not to believe her, her friend Damilore did. She held her softly, "I believe you" she said to her, "do you know what your baby looks like?" She asked.
"Yes! Yes!" She answered, acting paranoid
"My baby was a boy, fair, and handsome, he had this birthmark on his cheek just like me, I had felt a surge of joy when I saw he was a replica of me, but this.." she said pointing at the baby in the cradle, "is not my baby".

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Damilore was certain Mrs Rufus was telling the truth, so she called the doctor's attention and notified him of everything that had happened. He checked the time the baby was delivered and on the record was a male but the cradle had a female. The doctor believed there had been a mistake while taking the babies to their mothers, it was dark and the nurse on duty must have mistaken the baby for hers. The doctor apologized to her and soon her baby was delivered to her. It might have been dark but she was connected to her son whom she had carried for nine months, she took him and held him passionately.
"I wouldn't let anyone take you from me" she whispered as she held him to her shoulders.

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