Neoxian City: Writing Prompt #11


Hello Hivers,

Often the opening line of a story is the hardest to formulate. With this month’s prompt you will not need to be concerned about that. The hard task is done for you. By providing the first sentence you will be inspired and challenged. Your creativity will certainly be triggered. The culmination will be an intriguing story.

This is a monthly event where a prompt is shared. You can write a story based on the prompt below.

Before you get started, please read the following Guidelines which can always be found in the #city-prompt.

a. Write your entries using the Neoxian City frontend.
b. Use #neoxianprompts as the first tag.
c. Posts should be in English and have 300 – 1000 words.
d. The usual Hive community rules are applicable - no plagiarism, no NSFW etc.
e. Only 1 entry is allowed.
f. Share your post link below in the comment section of this post.
g. Read and comment on the posts of the other writers.

Engagement is optional but we encourage you to read and comment on the posts of at least 2 other #neoxianprompts writers.

Reminder - please do not forget to adhere to the Guidelines. Your effort is appreciated. AI content is easily detectable.
When selection is difficult - Guidelines matter.

Neoxian City - Prompt #11

As the sun rose on the horizon, it became clear what had happened.

Start your story with these words as your first sentence. Write your most fun, creative, original and engaging post.

Deadline – You have until Friday 17 November 2023 @ 8am UTC.


  • The Top 5 posts will be rewarded in Hive (an equal share of the liquid post rewards), Neoxag or possibly upvotes facilitated by our sponsors @neoxian, @bdvoter, @brofi, @xawi, @ecency and @hivepakistan.

  • 5 "honourable mentions" posts receive up to 1-2 Hives each - depending on the liquid posts rewards.

  • Early writers – the first 10 posts - can receive participation rewards via the native token of Neoxian City. The tokens can be used to upvote your posts, enter City giveaways etc. Be in the Top 10!


  • Share your creative ideas for a prompt! The best prompt selected will win 500 neoxags. Write a top prompt.
    Your winning prompt could become one of the prompts of a subsequent month!!!
    Share your prompt ideas in the Neoxian #city-prompt channel.

Become a Top-per!!

Have fun writing your stories. We are looking forward to reading your entries.

If you have any questions - please do not hesitate to ask me in the comments or in the following Discord channels: Neoxian City – city prompt or in the Neoxian City – general-chat-english.

We are thankful to all our sponsors – Neoxian, BDvoter, Brofi, xawi, Ecency and HivePakistan.

Credits to @vickoly for designing the Neoxian City Prompt banner and to @shrazi for designing the Neoxian City Prompt image. Thank you.

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