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It was the last days of the semester, I was in my 300l in the university studying microbiology, i had a very tough examination that fateful friday, I came back to the hostel wearing a long face because i felt I had not written very well like I wanted to, when I entered the hostel my neighbors were surprised to see me frowning, because I’m always the smiling type, they asked what happened but I told them it was nothing that I just wanted to be alone, so I walked out on them and went to my room to think about the paper I had written that day.

They were not convinced that I was okay, so my next door neighbor came to knock on my door, but i felt really reluctant to open the door, he kept on knocking as I could ignore him anymore I decided to open up for him.
He asked what happened to me again and that he has never seen me in such a bad mood, after much questioning I answered and told him what happened.

So he said he has the perfect idea to cheer me up, he invited to me his friend’s birthday party, so off we went when we got there, I met lots of people both the people I knew and the ones I didn’t, we got a table and sat down and we were served drinks, they gaves us a vodka mixed drink (Black bullet), it was my first time tasting that drink, so I drank mine and I was done with it.. I decided to take another one but this time my friend said I should mix half of the can with a non alcoholic drink (sprite) but I was proving stubborn but I later did.

While I was still sitting I thought I was okay and that my body could carry the alcohol little did I know that I was deceiving my self, when it was time for us to go back to hostel I stood up from the chair and noticed that I was staggering and I couldn’t walk by myself, so my friend held my hand because he knew that I was gone…
We boarded a bike and headed back to hostel, when we got the hostel, I came down from the bike but felt a very cool breeze outside, that was how i thought I was already in my room, Immediately I lied down on the cold tarred road, some of my other neighbors came out began to laugh, I could hear them but I couldn’t control myself my acting so foolishly, they took me inside the hostel and prepared noodles for to eat but I rejected because i told them that the noodles was cold and that i didnt like cold noodles.

A female neighbor of mine help me to my room, I took a cold shower and lied on bed but I couldn’t sleep instantly, I was just talking and laughing all by myself before i finally slept off till next day, They gave me my full gist and laughed very hard at me, I was so embarrassed and promised not to take that drink again!


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