I got a carryover ~ An expensive joke!

Some jokes are normal and can still be accepted but you see some jokes that are too expensive are something I detest. Expensive jokes like a close friend have been kidnapped or that someone plays a prank on you that you just lost something valuable, you know how your heart will bang for a few seconds before you are brought back to life from your unconsciousness. Some friends are like that, they know how to pull pranks that looks real, if you are someone who is not careful or you take things so seriously, things would have escalated before you are told it's a prank.


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It made me remember a time when a number called me. As I picked up, the next thing, the caller with a male's voice said my friend named 'so and so' was in their custody and that I needed to prepare some amount if I do not want to lose her. He made it so real that I fell for it. My heart skipped and started banging when he gave it to the lady who acted so real too and was crying on the phone. That was when I thought something had happened to her. It never occurred to me to ask why they didn't call her parents but me. After a while, the number called back and started laughing hard, they revealed themselves and I was just laughing while I warned her never to play such a prank on me.

There was another one I will never forget because my friend, due to her impatience didn't check well and gave me a wrong result. There was this course we did in 400 level first semester. The course was so hard that those who passed were giving thanks to God. I never had any carryover even during my NCE programme and since I began my degree studies, God helped me all through. I was sleeping at night when my friend called me around 2 am that they had released the result. I was finding it hard to check due to network problem. I told her to check for me while I waited. Being anxious already, I couldn't wait, I started disturbing her with calls because of my eagerness. A few minutes later, she told me that she was seeing an F. That was a carryover, haa!

My eyes got cleared immediately especially when she told me she got a B. I was like, "never! It can't be". We both read like crazy together and even did vigil at her place because of this course. Why will they give me an F and her, B? That was when I decided to check for myself after trying several times as the network was acting up. It went finally and while checking, I was patient and in slow motion checking line by line. When I got to my matric number, I used my finger to trace to the end and I saw C. I did it again until I was sure it wasn't an F I was seeing. It was a student before me that got it but the lines weren't straight. I heaved a sigh and calmed down because I wasn't myself anymore.

I chatted her up again and angrily asked "What kind of joke did you play on me, JK?" She laughed when I told her my real result and she apologised that she didn't check it well. We laughed over it and that was it. For some minutes, I was shaking and I couldn't even use my fingers to type on my phone, I had to put the phone down while I did some breathing in and out for a few seconds before I was alright. I reminded her never to try such an expensive joke with me and she promised not to try it again.

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