Saturday morning run in new shoes, introducing Salming Elements 3...

Saturday morning. At least for me because I slept long. I went to a run immediately to seize the day and get into my personal igikai.

There was another reason - new running shoes.

Salming Elements 3

These trail shoes are supposed of the OCR persuasion. Before looking them up I didn't even know of OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) specialty in the trail running shoe department. Oh well, ...

I went out on a similar route as yesterday. Into the Magpie's Valley with an additional loop to start and end it.

The shoes were a great fit from the go onward. A hard outer sole yet comfortable inner one. Light yet durable they seem. Time will tell the true story about this, of course.

On asphalt, they are not at home yet don't seem to mind too much. At least from the sound of it.

While on the trail it's a dream come true. Really! Light, responsive, flexible. I love it!

Even innocent bystanders admired these shoes.

A bit muddy road by the meadow was a joy to run on.

Leaf-covered paths and gravel roads, no sweat.

These are my new favourite trail running shoes, officially!

Cogs are tall and wide apart. No way mud can stick there.

The shoes on the left, Inov-8 X-Talon 212 are being fazed out while the black and orange ones, Salming Elements 3 are the new kid in town. Yes, they are!

I turned back after the first climb to be back home in time for breakfast.

It was a progressive run again with return leg quicker, nearing 5 /minute pace. Even with these trail shoes speed is your friend.

The map of a lovely 8 K run in great shoes.

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