exploring Črnuče

Midday on a sunny Thursday. Time for an easy run in lower Črnuče.

The run was a mixture of asphalt streets, tarmac, trails, ... Exploring the fields and the bush was the goal.

The first stop was while crossing the railroad in the industrial zone. A railroadblock.

From here I went to the fields. There was no path to run on. The grass was shoulder high.

Here begun the exploration of gardens in the area. It's a habit in Slovenia that almost every family has a garden somewhere. Many are quite elaborate.


Next, I was running by the wheat field.

Here the real trails began. Beautiful.

Passing through civilization with buildings in the distance.

And back in the bush.

Here was another area of elaborate gardens. Maybe the biggest serious gardening complex in the city.

Some garden plots merit the story on their own.

The gardening area on the map, marked by @pinmapple too.

As you can see, lots of photos and lots of fun exploring around.

The run was short distance-wise yet it was long fun-wise. As every run should be.

The map of the run.

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