Rising Star Giveaway: win 11000 Starbits (4 December )

The day before yesterday I reached level 60 in Hive. Level 60 is a turning point in Hive and I become a bona fide Hiver. Then today I reach level 50 in Rising Star Game. So I want to Celebrate my achievements.

Without further ado, I will directly go to the giveaway. One lucky winner will get 11000 Starbits. You need to make any comment on my post so that I know you want to participate in this giveaway. I will use https://wheelofnames.com/ to choose a winner. This giveaway will end three days after this post published. I will send 11000 Starbits through leodex.io so participant does not need to be a risingstar player. You only need to be a Hiver to comment on my post.


If you have time go and visit Mr Sharzi's post and make a birthday wish. He is a great artist in Neoxian.

See you until next post...

If you want to play risingstar please use the following link:

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