You may notice length of this post and wonder if it's even worth to read it. I tell you what: stay with me and I promise to make it worth those 10minutes of your time. And perhaps, just perhaps, you will end up becoming one of us.

Intrigued? I can only hope so ....



I'm very positive that most of us are entering the New Yaer 2020 with some personal new year resolutions of our own, ideas of what we want to achieve and ever ready to focus our efforts on things that truly matter. And if we want to succeed, then it is absolutely crutial to set up realistic goals and expectations. Ambitious, yet realistic.

Today, I would like to share some of our goals and priorities for 2020. I will explain the economy model behind our community - the one we've been building for the past 9 months (since the idea of @project.hope was born).

Within the last few weeks, I've encoutered a number of challenging questions and the most common one went something like this: how can we provide 100% ROI to delegators? how do we benefit and earn steem? what's in it for you?

I PROMISE, that by the end of this publication you will learn all the answers for those questions and perhaps you will decide that our project is something you would like to be involved in. I will also reveal a few ways of joining our efforts and becoming part of our small, but cosy and well established community.

PROJECT HOPE - who are we


We're group of several individuals, STEEM blockchain early-adopters, building our influence and sharing our passions via the social media platform called Steemit.com (or steempeak.com). We also share similar interests towards topics related to technology, blockchain, AI, machine learning as well as business, economy, psychology etc.

When we started (me together with @juanmolina) - our initial idea was been quite straight forward: to help a small group of friends from Venezuela - some of them are well educated profesors: to secure extra source of income, which would allow them and their families to go through current difficult times.
More details (for those curious ones): https://www.projecthope.pl/about_us

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

Within the past half year the idea behind @project.hope was shaped and it seemed that we've managed to build a healthy economy. An economy in which many different parties collaborate together. An economy which may allow those few Venezuelans and their families to better their lives and allow them to create "job positions" for themselves. Here. On STEEM blockchain.

Sounds interesting? I hope so :)



Our project is build currently on 3 different groups: DELEGATORS + CONTENT CREATORS + CORE TEAM

Delegators do not receive upvotes from us as a form of payment. We do not sell @project.hope upvotes. Our goal is to provide delegators with 100% curated rewards, making sure that delegating to us is profitable and worth it.
so delegators = GROUP A

We're upvoting manually with 100% VP - mostly publications related to tech industry + economy, publications posted mainly by several content creators who are part of this project. You can see those publications while visiting @project.hope and scrolling through recently resteemed post.
Content creators = GROUP B

All authors from our group are setting up 20% beneficiary from their posts to @ph-fund (project hope fund) and those resources will be used to support financially 5 well educated Venezuelans; right now I cover all those expenses myself and I'm hoping that within the next 3-4 months @project.hope economy will become fully sustainable.

This way, all of those 5 guys (@juanmolina, @lanzjoseg, @fucho80, @jadams2k18, @pedrobrito2004) will manage to earn some extra money and we will be creating job positions for them.
Those 5 Venezuelans (CORE TEAM) = GROUP C

Their main goal of GROUP C is to promote our project channels and bringing more traffic to publications of GROUP B. At the same time they are helping me to get more delegators on board (currently almost 40 users, delegating around 250k steem power).

This way all groups (A,B,C) participating in project.hope are benefiting.

And what is in it for me? I'm in the middle of it all - building valuable contacts and expanding my influence. Win-win scenario (at least that's how I see it).





I can only hope that it does. It's crutial for me to learn your opinion and I would seriously appreciate each valuable feedback. I'm mostly interested in knowing, if this explanation does make sense to someone who isn't really involved in our project and who didn't know much about it till now.

Most valuable comments will receive 50-100% upvote - I like to show my appreciation and reward those who actually read :)

Obviously I would love if you could help us and RESTEEM this publication, so it would reach a wider audience.

founder of @project.hope and www.projecthope.pl




As mentioned before - all valuable publications posted by collaborating authors are being resteemed on @project.hope and also upvoted.

The trick is that we're upvoting each post several hours after it's being resteemed. That gives you an opportunity to maximize your own upvotes: all you need to do is visit our profile daily, check out recently resteemed content and upvote it (knowing that 250k SP upvote will follow within few hours).


If you're a content creator passionate about said topics mentioned above, struggling with building an audience, lack of valuable upvotes and having little to no engagement, then drop me a message and let's get in touch:
telegram: crypto_piotr

I will gladly discuss options of you joining our team and collaborating with us.

Hopefully by now you think that our efforts are worth your support and you'll consider delegating some SP to help us grow. We will be happy to have you on-board our project and in return we share 100% ROI (curation rewards) with all delegators.

We share those rewards on a weekly basis and currently 1000SP delegated to @project.hope will result with a profit of average 2 STEEM / week (which is slightly more than pretty much all delegating bots are offering).

More details: https://www.projecthope.pl/passive_income
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