The idiots I work with - Meet the yellows

In a recent post I introduced the concept of DISC profiling which is a way of understanding the different behaviours that often cause conflict in the workplace or in our personal lives. Understanding these different behaviour profiles can help us understand our own weaknesses and help us to adjust our behaviours when dealing with conflicting profile types. It would be better to read the introduction post first to make sense of this post.

I have also written a post to introduce the Reds

Today, I want to introduce you to the yellows who are the I's - the influencer type.

Before we start off, just a reminder that this is not black and white. It is just a guide to help us understand the world we interact in. There is no right answer either. Each type has is strengths and weaknesses - just as we all do.

Introducing the Yellows

disc profiling  the yellows.png

The yellows are optimistic, enthusiastic and often charming people. They take pleasure from building relationships and dealing with people. They are usually quite persuasive because they are good at working with other people. They are trusting, enjoy being around other people and are motivated by social recognition.

They are good in any role that needs human interaction. So they can make good salespeople or customer service representatives because they build relationships quickly. They are good communicators and can draw an audience in, they tend to be quite animated and wave their hands around a lot when they talk. The yellows are also good in showbusiness or actor roles - if you see someone who is naturally theatrical, they may well be a yellow.

Weakness of the Yellows

The yellows fear social rejection and will find it difficult if they don't feel included. They may find it difficult in very tense situations where there is a lot of conflict to deal with. They are used to walking around with a smile on their faces so difficult tense situations are particularly uncomfortable for them.

The yellows like to talk but are not always so good at the detailed working. They tend to lose interest in detail quickly and sometimes people may get fed up with their continuous talking and never-ending optimism - others want to see results. Yellows can be quite creative though so it is not good to cut them out of the detail.

Yellows need to make sure that they should not always talk about themselves and remember to sometimes to be quiet and let others speak. They need to realise that they are going to have to roll their sleeves up too and deliver.

Handling Yellows

Yellows like talking, especially about themselves. They thrive on social recognition so if you want to get more from a yellow - give them a compliment. Ask a yellow questions about them and take an interest, they will love you.

Allow for a bit of small talk at the beginning of a meeting. This will allow yellows to satisfy their social need and then settle them down into a productive meeting.

Yellows tend to be visual people and will lose interest if presented too much raw data. Present to them in a visual way so that they can digest the presentation easily. They may want to know the detail is there, but are unlikely to spend too much time validating it.


One of the famous examples of yellow is Bill Clinton. He is a high I, yellow type. Another example is Will Smith. I wonder if you can see any of the attributes I have provided above in this type of person?

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