Wrong Tags (Edited) and Thanks and Congratulations

The post was uploaded with wrong tags and wasn't uploaded to Let's Make A Collage Community. So here is the link to correct one : https://hivel.ink/hive-174695/@janwar00/let-s-make-a-collage-b0fb19e5626b9.



Addition (added on Friday, May 7th, 7:32 West Indonesia Time):

So, the story of this WRONG TAGS post was, the other day when I was uploading my entry post for @shaka's Let's Make A Collage Round 79, I made a mistake : I didn't post it to Let's Make A Collage community. After I uploaded it then I realized that I had make this mistake. The post is here : https://hivel.ink/hive-174695/@janwar00/let-s-make-a-collage-b0fb19e5626b9. So when I tried to delete the post, it was not possible, and a message appeared on my screen saying that it is not possible to delete a post that has a vote. So, right, someone had voted the post. So I deleted the content of the blog and changed the title. And then I uploaded this post to Let's Make A Collage community, the right one : https://hivel.ink/hive-174695/@janwar00/let-s-make-a-collage-b0fb19e5626b9.

So tonight I am editing this post and I want to congratulate the Let's Make A Collage Round 79's winners : @kismeri, @angeli-b, @irisgonzalez, @anibal-aa, @elemarg25 @tormenta, @zenai, @adncabrera, @lurisya, @javielys, . Congrats, guys. You did great works. Note: The winner announcement for Round 79 is here : https://hivel.ink/hive-174695/@shaka/lets-make-a-collage-round-79-winner-announcement.

And thanks again, @shaka for the contest. I really like it.

Another people who I'd like to thank related this matter is @thekittygirl for her comment under this post, just some moment after this post was uploaded to hive. I do learn something. I was so ashamed but then @shaka and @brittandjosie cheered me up that I am not the only one made that same mistake on hive. So yeah, thanks to you all. Here is the screenshoot from Let's Make A Collage discord server of @shaka and @brittandjosie cheered me up the other night (or day in their side).



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