Let’s Make a Collage #81 - Seaside Lighthouse


Another week, another LMAC Challenge! My entry this week is called “Seaside Lighthouse”

Once again, I’ve created all assets in Blender and brought the render over into photoshop to composite together.

Here is what my final render from Blender looked like. All the black edges are because of the empty darkness inside my blender scene.


I set up the scene like normal with the reference picture as the background, but since rendering a picture takes a lot longer than rendering empty nothingness, I cut the picture up and only rendered out what I needed, which was the sky. The grass only stayed in there because I didn’t want to mess with trying to cut diagonally haha

Here are a couple different angles of what my scene looked like inside of Blender.



In order to model a lighthouse efficiently and realistically, I used a reference blueprint picture that I found on Google to basically trace around it.


This was an early version of the lighthouse. I really liked how it was turning out except for all the hard edges on the cylinder shape.


It’s good practice to start with the smallest amount of detail in your models while you’re actually modeling, and then boost the detail afterwards. It just makes it a lot easier the less geometry you have to work with. So this was the point right before I smoothed out all the edges and added more geometry.

I was able to reuse the dock I created from
LMAC #78 in this week’s challenge! I love that I’m starting to build up a library of assets now 😂


This is what my masking layer looked like in photoshop.


And here is the original reference picture from @shaka


Thanks for following along!

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