A lovely day for a walk - Let's Make a Collage 129

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What are we looking at?

Another day, another stroll. This time it's a bit different.

A black cat crossed my path. Some may say it's bad luck but not me as I decided to pull out my camera and he started posing. You might say he's a photobomber, scratch that, a catbomber.

The birds in the sky pay no mind to the huge bug in the bottom left corner. This kitty does mind as he started chasing it after I finished snapping some pics.

As for that small structure in the marshlands? I'm not sure what it's all about, it seemingly appeared out of nowhere and is only visible in this photograph. When I look in my viewfinder I see it, otherwise it doesn't exist.

Rift in space in time you might say? I'm not sure, I'll stick to the path just in case.

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Can you believe this piece originated from this? Shocking, I know :)


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Image by Tommy_Rau from Pixabay


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