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  • @zanoz, she made an interesting post on her blog which I loved and it also helped me as a newbie. She talked about “Why newbie struggle to grow on hive my three days observations.” Reading the post on her blog gave me more insight about HIVE and how to grow also, Kudos to her. If you’re a newbie please visit her blog and read on that, it will help you a lot.

  • On week 05, I talked about building a two-way intercom, but I was finding it difficult in designing a good circuit diagram for the project. Well finally, I did it, yeah I was able to design a good circuit diagram with the help of AutoCAD 2016 and Proteus 8 professional for stimulation. It worked.

  • I love visiting @tarazkp blog and I enjoy all his post. One of this recent post, he talked about “Information for a bad time.” It explains truth, knowledge and social discussions. I learnt a lot for it, people now don’t care if it’s bad or white, true or false, lie or truth… as far it get them what they really want.

  • I am a lover of music, especially instrumental. Do you know @marijocnt plays cool music with her violin? Visit her blog and watch her videos, I’m sure you will fall in love with her songs, just as I did and also do well to support her.

  • Today I participated in “Why I think I should be awarded 250 HIVE delegation and Why I think HIVE is a great network.” Kudos to @melbourneswest, he sponsored the contest. I want to say congratulations to the winners of the contest @kemmyb and @sunnyag. I hope next time I’ll win.

A special thanks to @jizzyjoe, she's the brain behind this contest and also to the sponsors likes of @thekittygirl, @brittandjosie and others

I'll like to invite @prayzz, @bruno_kema and @zanoz to join the contest.

source: designed using pixellab