Darker Side of Hive

So I was berated recently here for having a bad attitude because I objected to the advice from a long-term Hivian to "Write something. Post it. Repeat. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece-it doesn't especially have to be good writing-just show up and write."

And it got me thinking. if this is "finding [my] way to Hive success" then who is the beneficiary of all this daily spreading of verbal diahorrea?

The adage, "there is no thing as a free lunch" , and the more modern, "If you are not paying for it, you are not the customer, you are the product" come to mind.

Let us not forget that every bit (sic) of content on the blockchain is FOREVER. In perpetuum. Til the end of time. Until Hell freezes over. The blockchain is immutable.

Unlike standard Web content which can easily be deleted, what's on the blockchain stays on the blockchain. Even the process of "burning" coins that happens on other blockchains doesn't delete/remove/destroy the coins as the word suggests, it merely loses the address at which they reside. Unlike landfill or nuclear waste, the crap posted to the blockchain will never, ever, ever recycle back into reusable chain-space. The blockchain is the ultimate glutton.

So who's making the money from this daily content landfill? Because I can 100% guarantee that a blockchain giving 'payment' for people to contribute is motivated by making money. Oops, there's my "bad attitude" creeping out again!

In a 'conventional' blockchain, to date, blockchain tokens have to be 'mined' for them to be brought into usable circulation. Bitcoin is mined, Etherium is mined, etc. So how is HIVE mined?

Well, it turns out (from my basic understanding of Hive) that Hive is mined by posting content (technically, the process of adding that content onto the blockchain). So who gets the credit, the 'coin' for adding this content to the blockchain?

The answer is not "you".

So obviously the more "they" encourage and promote and motivate us to create daily crap however badly written, Ill considered, and irrelevant the more they profit from processing it. (CRAP = Can Realise A Profit)

And in return they toss us a few breadcrumbs to entice us to feed their profits more. If this is indeed what you want to use (value) your time at then who cares whether I think it's appropriate or not. But you should at least be aware of what you are contributing to.

This contribution to their profit margin is actually a call for better, more considered, beneficial, progressive content rather than letting my "bad attitude" have its own wicked way.

If we're going to sell our souls so cheaply, at least consider doing it for improving the human condition.

Maybe, then, instead of confirming what my dear friend dbooster tells us, that "a lot of stuff may get ignored. Scratch that. A lot of stuff will be ignored" we will instead begin to create content worth reading whereby it won't get ignored.

Use your time profitably. Remember, it's you who chooses whether that profit goes to you or them.


Attribution: main photo by Elti Meshau on pexels.com

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