Should I sell my Hive at a high price?

A couple of days ago, I have been confronted with exactly this question ... so, this is a slightly different post today.

Should I sell my Hive at a high price? Johann Piber

It's different from my usual post about my photo trips, but I thought I have to tell you what has happened to me and maybe you have made a similar experience.

But I don't want to talk too much about it now, because below you can read the whole conversation I have had and then and decide for yourself if I have made the right decision or what such an offer might mean.

But of course no post from me without at least some recent photos: We have had some rainy days and I have taken the images in this post on my way back home from a trip to Slovenia. I was driving over the Vršič Pass, dark storm clouds were hanging low over the mountains and fog was moving up from the valley ... soon later all sight was gone, but at this time I was already on the other side of the mountain 😉

Spicek Mountain in Slovenia - Johann Piber
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Now to this conversation I have had with someone on another social network. I have just copied everything here. It began quite nicely with his question and I thought he would just be interested in our Blockchain or even a member ...

Hello sorry for intruding your privacy , may I know if you’re a Hive coin holder or have any personality with hive crypto coin/token

Hi, no problem. I'm a Hive member, just don't have a lot time at the moment to post regularly. My Hive username is the same as here: johannpiber 😊
Nice to hear from you

May I know it you’re a holder of hive coin and how many hive you’re holding ?

I have made my next reply twice but they didn't show up later, so I typed the same words again...

That's funny, I have answered the question twice, but it's not showing up. So I try it once more ...
As a member of the Hive Blockchain I do have Hive. Just visit my blog on one of the Hive front ends to see my small wallet.
I’m xxx by the way , i work with a CoinRecycling Company involved in merging and recycling devalued crypto coins/tokens are ready to purchase hive token & such coins at a reasonable price

How many hive you hold and wish to benefit selling at high prices?
Hi xxx,
as said, you can see my wallet on my Hive blog, but I do not sell.

Look up to the Vršič Pass
Vrsic Pass in Slovenia - Johann Piber
[click for fullsize]

Now I knew what he wanted, but he didn't seem to have read the "but I do not sell" ...

We offer above the market price for your devalued token

You could benefit selling at high prices

Can’t see your wallet

Let me know how many you’re holding ?
Every Hive wallet is visible. Just go to or and find my blog to see my wallet. I don't have that many Hive but there's no way that I would sell anyway.
Why don’t you want to benefit selling at high prices?
Because it's not only a token for me and you obviously have no idea about the Hive, so no means no, end of discussion.
Do you have any scheme of income or portfolio?

And where are you from ?
Listen, my friend, visit my Hive blog and you will know almost everything about me. So please accept my no and let's end this because you can't pay the price the Hive is worth to me and that it soon will have anyway.
At what price you wish to sell your hive coin at high prices?

I said "please accept my no" but you don't care. That's not nice - please don't contact me again.

I have written another reply after his "Why", but it didn't show up again, so I thought it's enough anyway.

Better Than Gold

Better than grandeur, better than gold,
Than rank and title, a thousandfold,
Is a healthy body, a mind at ease,
And simple pleasures that always please;
A heart that can feel for another's woe,
And share his joys with genial glow,
With sympathies large enough to enfold
All men as brothers, is better than gold.

by Father Ryan

Look up to the Vršič Pass
Vrsic Pass in Slovenia - Johann Piber
[click for fullsize]

So, after this little poem and another dark and moody picture of the Vršič Pass I would love to know: what do you think?

  • Is he a scammer who wanted to get the private keys to my account by promising to pay a high price for my Hive?
  • Does he really not know anything about the Hive because he said he couldn't find my wallet?
  • Or does he know more than me, which is easy to be honest and that the price is about to moon and that's why he wants to buy as much Hive as possible?
  • Should I have asked him for more information and especially what he would offer me?
I have no idea but I don't even care because Hive is more than only a coin, although I have to admit that if he had offered me 100 Euros per Hive I might have sold him some, but certainly not all 😁


All of my photos were taken with the Canon EOS R and one of these lenses: Canon RF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM, Canon RF 70-200mm f/4 L IS USM, Canon EF 16-35mm 1:4 L IS USM, Canon EF 50mm 1:1.8 L STM, SIGMA 105mm 1:2,8 DG MACRO HSM, Sigma 100-400mm f/5-6,3 DG OS HSM C.
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