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Hard Work Vs Smark Work... What will you choose?

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There is no luck formula in success.

So what's make someone successful, luck and risk is the sibling. The higher amount of risk you'll take, the luckier you'll get.

Will success comes after hard work or Smart work? It all depends on the task you are doing.

So when choosing smart or hard work, always ask yourself a question about 'what kind of work this task requires?'

Sometimes we all get confused because social media gives too much information. We end up being puzzled. Some will say like less is more, Some will say - 'to sleep less, eat less and do more.' I know I know there is always some kind of frustration in your journey.

Expectation always comes into our life. Do we consider ourselves slaves of our expectations, or is it some kind of sign that taking us to a higher purpose?

Everyone knows life is limited and we should not waste our time on things that don't matter to us, Like your friends' and parents' opinion who will say you play safe to get a job and not dream for big because they are themselves played safe in life and didn't get big, settled for less.

Don't take advice from people who have never done the same task you want to do. The best people give the best advice. Some people always tell you this is impossible until it had done by someone, like the Smart gadgets we have now in our pocket is someone's dream. Changing your thought is crucial.

Let me tell you about Smart Work first.

So what's exactly the Smart work for you?

Maybe it's doing less and get more, So I will tell you there is no real rich quick scheme ever. You can only do Smart work once you know about the work process. After implementing your time and energy in your task, you will understand the tools that automate your work with ease -- that is the Smart work.

Smart Work is like Doing 20% getting 80% results. But also the rest 80% work will give you 20%. First, you have to do complete work - 100% then your work will be gone for automation like - writing an article and schedule it for some specific time by software is Smart work. Automating your day to increase productivity is Smart. Taking Short naps between your task is smart.

The last time I was on Youtube. I watched the Mindvalley Ad program Vishen said that hard work is no more necessary to be successful. And most of us who are following him think yeah! he is probably right. So the main thing is to make your mind open if I say you jump into that lava, Will you jump? The answer is NO, so why you take every piece of advice from the same person. Try to make your unique style because it's the only thing that makes you and gives you identity.

Hard Work is The Priority-

Hard work is always the first key to any task. Like most of us wants to get better in shape. So here the Smart work is taking some powerful medicine and thinking that "Oh, now it will burn my calories, I'll eat less my physique will be in shape in some months." But the years have gone by, but you end up with put up some more weight. So what's wrong happened here because there is no Hard Work.

Being the number one and holding this title for a long time is the toughest. You can't depend on all the Smart ways.

So understanding nothing good will be happening in years and putting your insane amount of effort will take you to the highest level of peak discipline, where you see yourself one year ago and recognize that external motivation sometimes drains you. Why you need some external kind of motivation? Instead, take your emotion and make it your self-motivation.

Be the inspiration, Be someone who can be everyone's example, Be your best version.

First, put in all your efforts in hard work and then do Smart work. There are Some task need to be done smartly and some needs real hard work. So it depends on all upon your task what you are doing. And do what's work for you.

I hope you get the most of the idea here. Enjoy the process. Indeed your results will be astounding.

Love your family, friends, take the risk, and listen to your guts.

Thanks a lot for being here, let me know what you think.

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