My Introduction Posts on Hive

Hi All Hive Users

This is my first post on Hive because before making another post, all Hive users are required to make an Introduction Post first And that through this post I want to introduce myself so that all other Hive users can recognize me.

My full name is Zahriadi or usually called Zahri, and my Hive username is @farmerboy20. I was born on January 20, 2000 and is currently 22 years old and in January I will be 23 years old.

I come from the State of Indonesia or more precisely in the province of Aceh and currently I live in the district of Pidie Jaya or more precisely in TriengGadeng. And my hobby is playing Futsal although lately I rarely play Futsal because I am too busy with my college.

I am a final semester student at one of the universities in Aceh so currently I do not have a permanent job because I am still struggling to complete my studies so that it can be completed as I had previously planned.

I know the Hive from one of my close friends, namely @zawiel, And I want to join after he explained what benefits I will get after I join Hive.

I asked him a lot of things about Hive, especially about how to play Hive such as how to make posts, how to get support on Hive and also asked about some of the rules that exist in Hive so that I don't go wrong when playing Hive later.

One of my goals playing Hive is to earn extra income, because lately I have a lot of expenses for my college so joining Hive is one way that I can earn extra income later.

Maybe in the future I want to write posts on Hive about Plantations, Photography and about Coffee because I really like traveling to various tourist places so I used to only share these beautiful moments on Instagram or on Facebook but now I can post these moments on Hive.

That's all a short introductory post that I can display in this post. This time, I hope you are interested in reading it. In order to recognize me more closely, see you in my next post, which is after posting this introduction.

Best Regard,

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