The world inventions; The history and the case of the bookshelves!


We are many appreciating reading books on many issues, and books that are dealing with life and pleasure of all kinds. And the books have to be places somewhere, and we can master all the books in Bergen. And professor Finn Kydland by NHH, have books in Economics and Statistics in his bookshelves, and I have been there! I had to understand all the books and all the ways the perspectives are for understanding Economics.

We have several Nobel Prize winners in Economics now, and they are treating experimentation in Economics, and Economics is about understanding people and behavior, and therefore we need causes, processes and effects in different things that we are trying to solve in the courses that are learning in business schools, colleges and universities. And it is smart to love someone! And therefore, many boys and men have a lady they just love.

Bookshelves began to appear in libraries in the 16th century, superseding the unsatisfactory system of the lectern adopted from monasteries. Book production had been hastened by the recent invention of the printing press, and placing books flat and side-by-side on a sloping lectern was an uneconomical use of space.

What do we really find of books and articles at NHH and SNF in Bergen? We find enough to understand the lives to people, finding the meaning of different organizations, and find the ways the government and the parliament is operating.

I find that philosophy bookshelves are awesome "references" to be near during philosophical conversations; you can look at the books for new conversational directions, and you can back up claims and interpretations with evidence very easily. I thought to myself, "I want to see the bookshelves of Redditors who peruse the philosophy. And life is always about understanding what, how and why, and we are using books to explain experiences, theories and methods in different courses that we are learning, for instance all the books we can find on the planet in Economics and Business Administration. And the bookshelves are using to store books and articles, both in the offices and the libraries, and we can use a system or not any system by placing the books and articles where we are doing. And we should know the content of all these books and articles, and know what these knowledges imply for life and for the ways we are operating. And love all the people you have ever met, and try always to be constructively and friendly. And we need to find our own ways of understanding our lives, but the schools can help us, and I myself have much education in Economics, Marketing, Strategy and Information. And we should appreciate different people being there, and talk in positively manners of all kinds, and love the employees and the students and other people we are meeting there.

I remember myself a marketing conference held at NHH in Bergen. And it was about the daily grocery stores and marketing. And marketing is about putting that product in question into the markets, as former and dead professor Andreas W. Falkenberg told us, and we still remember his ways of being, and there are many memories there to be treated more deeply. But at this conference, the people having the lectures reported that there had been some theories there. And I remember professor Torger Reve and his reactions on that. In reality, that had not been any theories and explanations, but just Statistics and collecting of experiences. And therefore professor Torger Reve laughed, and he nearly fell off his chair, and this reminds us about the fact that we should use books and articles for the bookshelves to explain things more thoroughly! And NHH and SNF should be remember forever for their ways to understand the lives and the businesses, and for their abilities and knowledges to supply organizations with theories, methods and data. And they are always welcome!

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway

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