STREET ART #101 – The «Street Art Hotel» in Kristiansand (Norway)


One of our hotels has been renovated last year. Instead of traditional art such as paintings on the walls, the hotel invited street artists to bring their art indoors. The hotel is Thon Hotel Norge located in the city center of Kristansand, close to everything. Shops, restaurants, bus station etc. I have been to the cafe and the restaurant before. The hotel has conference facilities and is therefore often used by companies. My employer also uses it, so I have been here many times, but it's been a long time now.

Artist: DotDotDot

Artist: Hama Woods

Artists who have contributed include: Martin Whatson, DotDotDot, Andreas Englund and Hama Woods. I understand that there are also small works of art around the hallways and some of the rooms, but I didn't get an opportunity to take pictures other places than the ground floor.

In June 2020 the hotel opened up again after a total renovation of rooms, cafe, restaurant etc. During the winter, I have only looked at the paintings outside and through the windows due to periods of shutdown (Covid). This summer, however, I had the opportunity to stop by to have a look into the public spaces.

The Norwegian artist Martin Whatson has done most of walls that is found at the entrance and on of the walls in the restaurant. The grey character climbing in the middle is very similar to a large mural he did in Aalborg, Denmark earlier this year, called «The Rock Climber».

This is the restaurant. Now the grey part of the picture is a boat in a sea of colors. Since the 1990s Whatson has been active. The way he make use of colors and the way he mixes several techniques, is what characterizes him and makes it easy to recognize his works.

If you like to see more work from Martin Whatson:

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Kristiansand, Norway

All the photoes are mine, Ulla Jensen (flickr, Instagram and facebook)

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