On making life mastery in such ways that we get a good life; What is good with being alone or together?


We must organize the life as we want, and doing things as we are doing when getting life mastery. And life is clear and unclear for everyone, and we do not have any solutions for getting the best things about what we are doing.

The new term life mastery will drive the attention of the masses to follow up with it. Without demanding much from ourselves, life becomes boring. Thus, it’s important to understand self and master the patterns of our life, and therefore we should first understand ourselves, and when we have done that we can use philosophy, psychology and social psychology for everyone.

What are the different aspects of life when making and taking life mastery where we are from time to time? These are the 7 most important areas of different lives:

  1. Body (health and fitness)
  2. Mind and Emotions (psychology and beliefs)
  3. Relationships (intimate)
  4. Family
  5. Social/friends/fun
  6. Business/Career
  7. Money/Finances
  8. Spirituality (religion, meditation practice)

We are either alone or together in life, and we can make everything that is possible about how life can be understood for everyone, in relation to how the body is.
What should be mastered with life? We have 5 areas where we should focus our attention:

  1. Emotions
    Number one (and the most important) is learning to master our emotions.
    Most of us spend our lives with a very limited palette of emotions to paint our life experience. And the large majority of these emotions are negative such as sad, upset, frustrated, angry, pissed off, or depressed.
    It’s no wonder we turn to alcohol, food, and drugs as a way to change how we feel so often… because so often we feel like crap!
  2. Physiology
    After conquering your emotions, your physical body is the next most important thing to master.
    If you’re overweight, if you’re in pain all of the time, out of breath all of time, if you struggle to sit or stand or move — this is no way to live your life!
    After your emotions (or maybe right along with it) taking care of your health is the number one priority! Because ultimately it’s not about how long you live but the quality of your life while you’re around.
  3. Relationships
    It’s no fun to do this thing alone. At some point we have to stop thinking “it’s only me here” and start thinking “it’s only we here”.
    Each of us have to understand how important all of us are. And all of us need to understand how important each of us are.
  4. Money
    You know, money isn’t everything but it sure ranks right up there with oxygen!
    Growing up there were several arguments among my parents — and I don’t remember any of them being about an excess of capital.
  5. Time
    The 5th and final area of life mastery is time.
    We’ve all had the days where time moves incredibly slow — where it seems like it will never end. Those days you’re sitting in the office staring out the window wishing you were somewhere else.
    But we’ve also all had days where time flies. Where we’re so engaged and present and happy to be in that place that time flies by.

So, enjoy life as you just imagine. And do the life mastery in properly ways!

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