Wooooo! I'm on Hive!

Hi there! I’m Caroline, aka @consciouscat and this is my first ever post to ecency. My partner Brad (@new.things) has been suggesting I join this mysterious world of Hive for a while, so here I am 😉


Initially, when he started talking about crypto, blockchain and decentralised platforms I found myself scratching my head, thinking “What is this?! It’s like a whole nother world!”. Instead of feeling like the clever, educated woman I am, I felt like a totally clueless beginner. Then I remembered that this is not a bad thing; I’ve been a beginner so many times in my life I’ve lost count.

Before I was a conscious entrepreneur supporting people to transform their lives (my current work) I had done a great many things. Some of the things I did out of sheer boredom, seeking excitement and wanting my life to be interesting. Other things I did because I love a challenge and I want to see what I’m capable of. And others still were simply because my intuition insisted that I take that path.


Over my working life, I’ve had somewhere around 50 different jobs. If I listed them out I’m not sure you’d believe me 😂 I think, in hindsight, I was just trying to find work that suited me and kept me engaged. I was trying to work out what made me happy, and there were clues the whole way through. Almost every job required me to actively communicate with other people. The work I enjoyed the most required me to learn new things and grow as a person. And my most favourite of the lot were the ones where I got to teach other people how to do things they did not previously think they could do 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️

In my personal life, I was always on adventures. I spent so much of my adult life single and floating around Australia and travelling to other countries that it still amazes me the things I’ve managed to do. Before I met Brad (with whom I still go on many, many adventures) I had run several ultra-marathons, climbed Mt Koscuiszko (Australia’s highest mountain) in a blizzard, handled snakes, walked on stilts, rock-climbed more routes than I can count and danced on stages with hundreds of people.


While my days of doing the more dangerous things are probably behind me, my love of adventure is still very much alive. These days Brad and I collect new parkruns in Australia while we wait for international travel to feel safe and possible again ✈️ We dream of the places we want to go and what we’d like to do together over the coming years (e.g. ski in Japan, hike mountains in the UK, run trails in the U.S. and much more).

No doubt you get a sense of what I love as you read my introduction to you all. But what I’m also coming to realise, that I have really never fully appreciated, is my love of writing 😍 Whether it’s writing in my journal about the adventures I want to dream into reality or sharing stories with people about the adventures I’ve already had, writing is my medium to communicate what’s on my mind and in my heart. It’s my preferred way to teach and reach a great number of people and share what I truly wish to express.


So thank you, dear reader, for reading the words I wished to express today. I hope that some part of my introduction has left a smile on your face and that you get to feel a little bit closer to a human on the other side of a screen you might never meet, but who is, in so many ways, just like you.

Caroline, coming to you from Brisbane, Australia.


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