A hobby of mine

When ever i have spare time i try doing my favorite thing that is drawing backgrounds that i can later use with my characters too . So today my vision was to make a starry night scene with trees and a raindear all like a dark sillhoute that u can see as shadow

Firstly i made a night sky gradient using shades of deep blue and royal blue and added a lil black ground to them.

next i added clouds with medibang's cloud 2 brush and set the opacity to 10% this gives it a bit subtle soft cloud effect almost like smoke

next step i added stars by randomly dotting small white dots with brush size 1 and then with brush size 2 ,i duplicated them and set opacity to 20% set the layer blending mode to add this will make the stars a bit glowy

same way i draw a crescent and duplicate the layer make it glow and set it to guassian blur so it looks soft and subtle

now i made a custom brush stamp that gives me hallow branches on tree and i randomly put them on canvas next i used a leaf stamp brush and added those to the trees and in middle i put a raindeer sillhoute stamp and there u have it this is the final finished look

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