Dilemma: what is The best way watch a series

dilemma of best way to watch a series: week by week or all at once?

One of the things that Game of Thrones left me/us with was the Monday (morning many times) date with the new episode and, above all, the wider online hype surrounding it.

I've realized that I've since become somewhat addicted to this Mondays HBO date. After Game of thrones came Succession, then House of the Dragon, now The Last of Us. It's not that I like all of these series equally, but the weekly date itself as a shared/collective experience has itself become a rarer (and therefore more valuable) currency in the age of streaming and instant availability.

Back in the day, before streaming and binge-watching in seasons/bundles became the law, I often preferred to finish a season (or even a series!) and then watch it all together. Now, after everything that the relaxation of the boundaries between the small and the big screen has brought, I think I prefer the serialized version of consumption, since it is more faithful to the historical tradition itself and the special experience of the television medium.

In other words, maybe everything doesn't have to be a movie after all. And if the pacing is built right so that the segmentation of the narrative spreads smoothly (and addictively) over 2-3 months in depth, then the viewer's reward may indeed be much greater than a 5-6 hour cramming that doesn't let the experience breathe . It's funny, however, that mainstream cinema is becoming more and more serialized, while many series look more and more like 10-hour movies divided into parts.

Anyway, this is in the form of a quick reflection,I want to read your thoughts in the comments below. What is is your go to way of watching a Tv series

  1. week by week

  2. All episodes together




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