June 2022 Power Up Day!


Based on my personal observation, since the day I participated in Power Up Day (PUD) last March 1, my growth in HP accumulation and other layer two tokens became faster. Perhaps, because that day signaled the turning point of my Hive activity into a more active one. I actually failed to keep a record of all my first-time experiences since the day I participated in PUD.

Entering CUB and POLYCUB, registering on ListNerds, joining a curation trail, and focusing on accumulating CENT are a few examples of first-time experiences I had since the day I joined PUD.

Yesterday, after publishing my post, Understanding Wave Degrees, I was glad to receive a PUM notification from @hivebuzz that I received another personal badge due to my successful powering up every day for the entire month of May.



As to my budget problem, I am really having difficulty processing valid IDs to avail of loans from both the Pag-ibig Fund and the Social Security System. This may appear like an excuse for I really struggle when it comes to setting aside time for ID application.

Yesterday, I sent $20.00 to coinsph.com and asked my son to buy me HIVE at binance.com. For some reason, my son told me that he could not execute the transaction. Anyhow, it’s good that I have reserved some HIVE in my account for today’s PUD.

Grace and peace!

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