First Time to Participate in Power Up Day



After roaming around Hive for six months, HiveBuzz's Power Up Day (PUD) just came to my attention I think first week of February this year. Since then, I made it my goal to participate in this challenge in order to speed up my growth on Hive. My only concern is to get the mechanics of this game correctly most especially the tagging thing and the exact day and time of my participation. This is because you know I am not that techy guy and also in playing Splinterlands, I had this experience of difficulty to claim my SPS staking rewards and airdrop due to problem in time zone. I asked our IT to resolve this and he tried several ways to fix it, but nothing happened. Providentially, when I got involved with Torum and someone gifted me with an NFT, the requirement was to have a Wax wallet, but again, I could not claim it due to the same problem.

Later, I realized that solving my problem was so simple. I just checked my lap top's settings' date & time and clicked the "Sync now" tab. The following day, I was surprised to see that my lap top's time is one day late. I thought that was another problem, and then I remembered what I did the previous night. After that I tried to claim my SPS staking rewards and airdrop. This time, it worked!

Sorry for my stupid story. Though confusing, since then, I maintained the "fixed" date and time in my lap top. I don't want to change it for the sake of SPS rewards. So now, my lap top's date and time is 28 February, 4:48 pm; but our local date and time here in the Philippines is 01 March, Tuesday, 9:00 am.

Enough for the diversion. Now shifting to my PUD plan. As already mentioned, since the challenge caught my attention, I decided to participate in it beginning the first day of March. And so what I did, I just accumulated the HBD rewards I received from writing Splinterlands content and converted them to HIVE five days ago. Prior to PUD, whatever HBD I received, I immediately convert them into HIVE and would power them up. But now, thinking of potential delegation just in case I will be included among the HP beneficiaries, I thought, "Why not try joining this game just for fun?" If nothing happens and in case I failed following the instruction, so be it. No harm in trying especially for a man in his mid 50s.

To supplement my HBD rewards from Splinterlands, I added my $100.00 savings for February. I used it to buy 117 HIVE. As a result, participating in this game, I was able to gather a total of 169.712 HIVE.

My plan is to power up today 50 HIVE and used 30 HIVE for Power Up Month. This is a good discipline just like attending a class saying that you're present. So powering up 1 HIVE per day would mean that I am present on that day. Not unless of course, this forgetfulness of mine will attack me again. That's the only time I can miss the class.

As for the remaining HIVE, I am thinking to use them by buying tokens that I consider liquid such as LEO, SPT, ONEUP, SME, and CTP. Gradually, accumulating these tokens in the coming months, I anticipate that my voting value in these communities will also increase.

Grace and peace!

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