Stabilizer for CENT Token

As all CENT Token users will know, this is a token that claims to have a value of $0.01. Unfortunately, since it was created, first with a higher value and now with a lower value, that has not been possible.

Despite the efforts made by @anadolu, the volatility has been very high.
As far as possible (small measure) we want to help achieve it, because it would be useless to cure a currency that is losing value.

What are you going to do?

We are going to create a hedge fund to stabilize the price.

How will you cover CENT Token?

Since Hive is a wonderful tool we will use one of its two pillars, the HBD.

And what will he do?

You will exchange CENT for HBD at a rate of $0.0095

Does that mean that if I send you 100 CENT, will you give me $0.95?

Yes and no. Only the top 10 delegators of @hiro.guita will be able to exchange their CENTs based on the HBD in the background (it will open once a week and with the amount available per delegator)

Will you extend it to all delegators?

If the fund allows it of course.

What will you do with the purchased CENTs?

We will put them up for sale on the market at $0.0105

How are you going to finance the Hedge Fund?

Starting tomorrow, a daily publication will be made with the 4 recommendations to read from the CENT community.
The HBD will go to the bottom, the Hive will exchange for HBD and go to the bottom. The CENTs will be distributed among the delegators and the rest of the tokens will be exchanged through Hive and then through HBD to end up in the Fund.

Do you have nothing left?

No, it is a curation service

Do you accept donations for the Hedge Fund?

Of course. Each vote, tip or direct shipment will be appreciated and used exclusively for the Fund.

We know that it will not be easy and that we will not achieve total coverage, but we will contribute our grain of sand. There will no longer be a reason to undersell the token. You can save it and sell it at a fair price here.

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