New manual curation account for BEE and Cent

@hiro.guita is a new hand curation account for communities talking about economics, finance, trading, tokens, precious metals or any other money related topic.
We will keep a vote weight between 70% and 90% to optimize healing.

  • What tokens are you going to heal?

At the moment BEE and CENT

  • Will you add more tokens in the future?

Yes, we will add tokens from other communities related to the economy.

  • Where do I have to delegate my tokens?

Delegations are made to the account @hiro.guita

  • What will I receive for my delegation?

90% of the tokens will be distributed proportionally among the delegators.
10% of the tokens to pay account management fees.

  • Will I receive anything else for my delegation?

Yes. The top 30 delegators will receive votes as long as their articles are of quality (it is a manual curation, we will review each article). As long as there is voting power and a maximum of 2 votes per account.
There will also be a weekly raffle among delegators of 250 Ecency points

  • When will I receive the tokens?

They are sent once a week, on Tuesdays.

  • Is there a minimum delegation?

Yes. A minimum delegation of 1000 CENT or 100 BEE will be necessary to receive the distribution of the fund.

  • How will you vote?

We will try to distribute the votes as much as possible so that the tokens are distributed among many users and the communities grow.

Note: Delegations take 7 days to start generating returns and 14 days to receive tokens.

Well that's all and I hope you all have some good passive returns.

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