Failed the First Test

I have discussed my view on Arsenal in my previous post here. And it is proven that finally, Arsenal failed its first test.

Arsenal has to swallow hard pills in the latest fixture against Manchester United. They lost 3-1 to the home team in the weekend fixture of the English Premier League.

It is also the first loss for Arsenal after having a good start to the season, taking all the first five games as the winner. But they have to lost to Manchester United on the 6th game.


Too bad that they have failed the real pressure test against one of the top clubs. Now it depends on how they will react to this result. Will it result in confidence loss and make them struggle in the coming match?

Or will they keep their composer and get back to a good level of confidence to work better in the next fixture against Everton? If they failed again, I guess Arsenal will lose their place at the top of the league table.

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