Skatehive Community Edit #2


It's finally online

After 3 months of collecting skate footage from our community members and a lot of hours editing all that footage, we are more than proud to present you the 2nd Skatehive Community Edit.


Skaters in order of appearance : @knowhow92 , @cinnartmon , @dikayskate , @skate4ever , @unhurried , @keepskating420 , @TravTravelz , @howweroll , @xvlad

Edit : @jucabala

100% of Post Rewards in both Odysee and Peakd will go to everyone who was featured in our Community Edit

Send us your clips for the Next Skatehive Community Edit

Every few month Skatehive will upload a skateboarding edit featuring our community members.

@jucabala is in charge of editing and our edits will be shared in our centralized social media accounts so we can raise awareness about Skatehive.

Do you want to be featured in Skatehive Community Edit?

All you have to do is to join the Skatehive Discord and share a link of your RAW FOOTAGE in the #community-edit hive.

Click the image bellow to join our Skatehive Discord

Please refrain from sending us long skateboarding lines (2-3 short raw clips are enough) and make sure that the footage is downloadable. One way to do that is to upload your clips on Odysee and share the Odysee link with us but we'll leave that up to you

Delegate to Skatehive

By delegating Hive Power to our curation account (@steemskate) you are actively supporting the skate scene on Hive and helping a niche community grow.

To delegate (via : Click on "Interactions" at the top right corner of our curation's account channel (@steemskate), click on "Delegate", choose the amount of HP you want to delegate and click on "Continue".


Follow our Curation Trail

Here's one more cool way to support Skatehive

Join our curation trail and automaticaly vote on every skateboarding content on Hive. This way we can support skateboarders with a much bigger collectible upvote and those who follow our curation trail will earn some really sweet curation rewards.

As mentioned above, Skatehive is included in @ocd's community incubation program and this means that every high quality skateboarding post receives a fat OCD upvote. If you follow our curation trail you are guaranteed to earn some sweet curation rewards.

Here's how Skatehive Community "Trending" page looks like


How to join our curation Trail

First of all, joining our curation trail means that you'll automatically cast a vote on every post our curation account (@steemskate) votes for.

To join our curation trail, all you have to do is

  • Log in to with your Hive account username and password
  • Click on "Curation Trails" and search for @steemskate
  • Click on "Follow"

22 people are already following our curation trail and are helping us in our mission of supporting every skateboarder on Hive.

The bigger our curation trail gets, the more rewards will be distributed to skateboarders and to all those who follow our trail so follow us and show us some skate love!

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About Us

SkateHive is based on the anarchist roots of skateboarding, and is working at taking back control of our sport from the social media giants, who profit off the monopoly of our content. SkateHive is build on top of decentralized platforms that allows us to own our accounts, own our communities, which means rather than advertising on our content to generate value, we tokenize the likes, allowing us to retain the value generated by our content, for it to be sold on the free market in the form of a cryptocurrency.

This has allowed this humble community to self fund huge online games of S.K.A.T.E , giveaways, rewards for contests, events, and even help skaters buy new equipment! Everyone is welcome in this community, so long as you are respectful to others.

If you need help understanding more about Skatehive, feel free to ask for help in our Discord, and one of the many longtime SkateHive members will help you out!

We are skateboarders, we seek for change

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