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What's up Skaters worldwide?

This official @skatehive update will cover pretty much what we're up to the past month. From Community meetings to Discord server updates, this is a must-read for every Skatehive Member.

Let's get down to business


Poster designed by @illusivelf

Skatehive Community Edit

We decided to rename our "Monthly Skatehive Edit" to "Skatehive Community Edit"


A month is such a short amount of time to do everything right when it comes to video editing and especially when we are talking about a community skateboarding edit.

Our goal from now on is to share a "Skatehive Community Edit" every 3 months and the next one will be released until the end of June. You have plenty of time to submit your clips in the #Community-edit hive of our Skatehive Discord so no stress.

Join Skatehive Discord :

We would also like to mention that we will be giving away all our post earnings from our previous "Skatehive Community Edit" ($14 worth of Hive and 100 LBC) to all those who submitted their clips and made the previous Skatehive Community Edit edit possible. Your crypto will arrive at your wallets by the end of this week.

Watch Skatehive Community Edit #1

Skatehive Community Meetings

Have you joined any of our Monday Skatehive Community Meetings? If not, you are missing out a ton of fun.


Skatehive meetings take place in our Skatehive Discord Channel every Monday at 7:30pm GMT+1 and everyone is welcomed to join us.

You'll get to voice chat other Skatehive members, talk about skateboarding and of course share your ideas about how we can make Skatehive thrive.

Join the Skatehive Discord and participate in our Skatehive Community Meetings every Monday at 7:30pm GMT+1

Skatehive Discord

Invite your friends to Skatehive and earn crypto

Our goal is to make Skatehive the biggest decentralized skateboarding community and this can only happen if we all work together as a community and invite our skate friends.

To spice things up, we are currently giving away Hive and LBC to all our community members who invite their friends to our Discord channel

We will be checking the "Leaderboard" every couple of weeks and send those sweet Hive and LBC to your wallets.

Don't loose time. Invite your friends, earn crypto and of course help us grow Skatehive

Skatehive Merch

Our first-ever Skatehive t-shirts are ready and some of our community members already got theirs.

@Dikayskate wearing our "Tiny Bee" Skatehive Tee.
Photo taken by @skydrown

Χωρίς τίτλο.png

@Dikayskate wearing our "Big Bee" Skatehive Tee (blank front side).
Photo taken by @skydrown

Χωρίς τίτλο.jpg

We are currently shipping only in European countries and the cost is 15 Euros/tee + shipping (depends where you at). Tees are 100% cotton, sizes start from Small up to XL and of course you can pay with Hive,HBD and LBC.

If you want to get your hands on a Skatehive tee let us know at the comment section bellow and we can arrange the shipping details via DM. Get them before they run out!

At this point we'd like to thank Fodas_Tats for designing both these amazing logos!
You're the best homie!


We are stoked to announce that we are bringing back our CSOTW initiative and this week's winner is @branders0n.

2bP4pJr4wVimqCWjYimXJe2cnCgnBfgtzbTw2qorMbU (1).png

Everyone can become a CSOTW and enjoy the benefits that come with the title as long as they are active members of our comunity and share their content on both Peakd and Odysee.

Read more about out CSOTW initiative on

This pretty much sums up what we've been up to the past month. We have some other secret plans that you're gonna love so stay tuned for our future updates but until then...



What's Skatehive

SkateHive is based on the anarchist roots of skateboarding, and is working at taking back control of our sport from the social media giants, who profit off the monopoly of our content. SkateHive is build on top of decentralized platforms that allows us to own our accounts, own our communities, which means rather than advertising on our content to generate value, we tokenize the likes, allowing us to retain the value generated by our content, for it to be sold on the free market in the form of a cryptocurrency.

This has allowed this humble community to self fund huge online games of S.K.A.T.E , giveaways, rewards for contests, events, and even help skaters buy new equipment! Everyone is welcome in this community, so long as you are respectful to others.

If you need help understanding more about Skatehive, feel free to ask for help in our Discord, and one of the many longtime SkateHive members will help you out!

We are skateboarders, we seek for change

Join SkateHive Server :

Skatehive Discord

Join SkateHive on LBRY server :


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