Cryptobrewmaster: Weekly Hive Rewards pool announced

After yesterday's brainstorm we at @cryptobrewmaster came to an idea of how to deal with bots, improve the game's economy, and boost players' interest while promoting Hive outside the chain...

After some hours of thinking, we decided to come out with the weekly Prize Pool for people who participating in the events and struggling for the top 10.

Lets start with 1100 Hive weekly

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The payout scheme for the first couple of weeks, while we testing it will go like this:

  1. 50 HIVE
  2. 40 HIVE
  3. 30 HIVE
  4. 20 HIVE
  5. 10 HIVE
  6. 9 HIVE
  7. 8 HIVE
  8. 7 HIVE
  9. 6 HIVE
  10. 5 HIVE

Overall 1 event prize pool - 185 HIVE
Overall events pool - 1110 HIVE weekly.

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What's after?

After the first couple of weeks, we will check the game economy mechanics, and decide should we enlarge the rewards or reward a wider amount of event participants.

Why the changes?

We want to promote the Hive outside of the box! We want more people from other blockchains to join the community of Hive and help us grow altogether.

Token price?

We believe that token price will grow organically while people start finally use their CBM in-game to climb over the rankings, so everybody wins in that case.

Can I participate as an event sponsor?

Sure you can, and it actually doesn't matter for us if you represent Hive-Engine token, or any other decentralized project, or even a different blockchain, we can discuss @cryptobrewmaster event sponsorships on a regular basis!

What should I do as a CBM player

Storm the capitol Understand the conditions of the events in the @cryptobrewmaster's Discord chat and head for the prizes since next week (11.01.21) to be eligible for Hive rewards.

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