ASH farming explained from a user's perspective in Cryptobremaster

I am a fairly new player to the game Cryptobrewmaster (CBM) and PeakD blogging as well. There's a first for all things, so here's my virgin blog post - about my experience with ASH (aka Aeneas) farming in #Cryptobrewmaster (and later also etc). ASH farming was announced a couple of weeks ago, and I got excited (perhaps too excited!) and bought 10 000 ASH on Hive Engine (@ cost of 1000 HIVE). ALL in! Why? Because ASH seems to be the new currency for these games and I thought they will become useful. Right now we can buy Influence (more on this later) in CBM for ASH. I hope more sales will be in ASH. ANyway, here's how the ASH farming works:

First of all, CBM posted this:

*From now all the passport owners can buy and stake Aeneas Farming NFT's and receive hourly rewards!

Buy Farm NFT's in Store on the Farming section

  • 1000 ASH - 30 days / 10% - only 500 Aeneas Farm Cards will be minted

  • 3000 ASH - 90 days / 30% - only 100 Aeneas Farm Cards will be minted

  • 5000 ASH - 180 days / 60% - only 20 Aeneas Farm Cards will be minted

  • 10000 ASH - 360 days / 120% - only 10 Aeneas Farm Cards will be minted

Stack NFTS in the Brewers House - PC - Ash Farming

In the next update we will include bonus % for those who have some Influence in game!*

**But what does this mean actually? **NO further explanation was given, but after some chatting with cryptobrewmaster on Telegram, I now get the jist of it:

You get hold of ASH (Aenas) on Hive Engine (or other exchanges). When buying the ASH farming NFT (or Influence) ingame, the ASH is subtracted from my Hive Engine wallet ( I use HIVE keychain). The NFT arrive in the mailbox ingame.

The NFTs are staked for a certain number of days (30, 90, 180 or 360) inside the game. After that period, you can withdraw ASH. E.g. if you buy the 3000 ASH NFT, you will get 30 % or 900 ASH after 90 days of staking. THEN you can stake it AGAIN! Yes, you read that right. So, in 1 year you stand to make 4x 900 = 3600 ASH, and yet you can continue staking. What a good deal!

ash yield.PNG

(I thought the yield was a one-timer, i.e. that I bought say the 3000 ASH card, got 3000 + 30 % back, and that was it. I was wrong.)

Referral leveling and free resource NFTs by spending ASH

Let's move on to another fringe benefit of ASH staking: Level up Referral when buying the ASH farming NFT! I mentioned Influence can be bought by ASH inside the game. Whenever you buy Influence, or ASH farming NFT , you get experience points based on the amount of ASH you pay. With more XP you also gain Referral levels. With (almost) each new Referral level, you can claim 1-3 resource NFTs for free! I mentioned I went ALL IN and bought a 10k ASH NFT. Well, I gained about 100 Referral levels and more than 110 cards by doing this. What a nice bonus!

Influence add % farming yield - at a cost

Influence will also give higher % ASH yield in the near future. I understand that 1000 Influence = 1 % higher yield. However, 1 Influence cost 10 ASH, so that means 1 % higher yield will cost 10 000 ASH (!). This sounds very expensive to me - I could instead just buy another 10k ASH farming NFT for this price.

I hope the Influence value will be adjusted, but let's wait and see how it's implemented before we analyze further in another post :)

REferral level.PNG

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